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YJ0CA – Vanuatu

Chris, VK2YUS will again be active from Port Vila, Efate Island, Vanuatu as YJ0CA during December 1-9, 2022. He uses a 1/4 wave vertical with elevated radials for 40m, and various dipoles & verticals for other bands. QSL via H/c.

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5H3FM – Zanzibar, Tanzania

Ferdy HB9DSP informs DX-World that he will be active from Zanzibar as 5H3FM during November 25 to December 13, 2022. QRV mainly on 20-15-10m, SSB & FT8. QSL via H/c.

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3D2AG/P – Rotuma 2022

[UPCOMING] Antoine, 3D2AG informs DX-World of his next Rotuma DXpedition:  Getting ready here to travel to Rotuma Island (OC-060) around 0600 UTC Saturday, for a 48-hour boat journey. Hoping to be operational around the 24th of November, and until the 20th or…

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CY0S – Sable Island

NEWS UPDATE – On Monday, November 21, Sharon Taratula with the ARRL pre-approved the March 2023 Sable Island CY0S DXpedition for DXCC. The CY0S team submitted to the ARRL the official letter from the Parks Canada-Sable Island manager authorizing the DXpedition. Sable…

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VP8/SQ1SGB – Antarctica

Sebastian SQ1SGB today managed to meet Oleg ZS7ANF at Wolf’s Fang Runway. He operated at Oleg’s station for a short time as VP8/SQ1SGB/p on 20m SSB and made a few QSOs but conditions were not good his side. He will try again tomorrow (check 14165). QSL via EB7DX. Keep…

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PJ2T – Curacao

Operating M/M, team PJ2T (consisting K5PI, K9DR, KY7M, N7IR, NA2U, VE3CX, VE3EY, VE3JM, W9NJY & PJ2DX) will be active during the CQWW CW Contest (Nov 25-26, 2022). QSL via LoTW, W3HNK.  * The team arrives today. Here’s a checklist to print out so you can work each…

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5R8CG, 5R8MM, 5R8PA, 5R8WG & 5R8WP – Madagascar

[NOW QRV] November 22 to December 3, 2022.  The team will be active from Nosy Be (IOTA AF-057), Madagascar. Team members are: 5R8WP – Ron PA3EWP (also in CQWW CW contest with this call) 5R8WG – Geunter DL2AWG 5R8MM – Erno DK2AMM 5R8CG – Gerben PG5M 5R8PA – Johannes…

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9U4WX – Burundi

Vlad, OK2WX will be active from Bujumbura, Burundi as 9U4WX during February 4-27, 2023. QRV on 80-10m; CW & SSB, 100w. QSL via IZ8CCW. Webpage

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V48A & V4/WX4G – St Kitts & Nevis

CANCELLED – Bob , V4/WX4G (V48A) will also be active from St Kitts during September 20-30 and November 21 to December 1, 2022 JUNE 4 – Bob, WX4G will again be active from Calypso Bay, St Kitts as V4/WX4G during November 14 to December 2, 2022. Participation in the…

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5W0RS – Samoa

[NEWS UPDATE] – Sigfrido, IW9FMD (ex-Z81S) is now active as 5W0RS from Apia, Samoa. He is a science project manager in the field of soil management and crop production, and is QRV when time permits. Activity has been limited to 20m SSB so far. QSL via IT9YVO. LISTEN…

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7Q5RU – Malawi

Vasily R7AL, Leo RW9JZ and Vasily RA1ZZ of the recent Z21RU (Russian DXpedition Team) will now be QRV from Malawi as 7Q5RU during June 30 to July 10, 2022. QTH: Embangweni Mission Hospital. QRV on similar bands / modes as Z21RU. QSL via Club Log OQRS.  Pictures of…

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DX0NE – Spratly Islands

DX0NE license (below) issued on June 22, 2022 stipulating that it’s valid for a DXpedition to Kalayaan, Spratly Islands between the period August 1 to December 31, 2022. No specific date(s) yet set for the expedition. License was issued to Gil, 4F2KWT.

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7O/DL7ZM – Yemen

NEWS UPDATE – Thanks to Joerg, OE6VHF for the news update: Today phone contact with David. He has changed QTH a bit. The QTH is at about 1100m ASL, free to EU & JA & VK, he reached it with foreigners and camels. He works only solar powered, in a little tent….

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D2TX – Angola

Bernie, ZS4TX, a 6m and 2m EME specialist has recently acquired the callsign D2TX (QTH: Cuando Cubango province, Angola). Full info to be announced soon. Note: Previously, Bernie has been QRV as A21EME, 7P8Z, 3DA0MB & 3B8/ZS4TX (all EME DXpeditions).

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[QRV] FP/KV1J – St Pierre & Miquelon

JUNE 26 – The journey to FP starts today for Eric, KV1J. He may be active on SATs along the way as he drives to Halifax, Nova Scotia from Massachusetts. On June 27th Eric flies to St. Pierre. Following day he takes the boat to Miquelon and then QRV. APRIL 21 – Dates…

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[16] What’s in the DX Shoebox today?

A very prominent and well known DXer sent this picture. At their request, it’s a good idea to make this particular DX Shoebox a “Guess Who..?”  If you think you know who the young operator wearing glasses is, then drop us an email DXER59[AT]GMAIL.COM and we’ll send…

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DX on this Day

Spanning 25 years, looking back from 2021 to 1997 showing DX on this Day. Do you remember working CY0AA or W5RXP/KH3 or maybe N4BQW/KH9 ? You can also check back here and see all previous DX on this Day posts. We will run with this feature generally every 3-6 days….

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JD1BQI & JD1/JR3DVL – Ogasawara

[UPCOMING] JE3GRQ (as JD1BQI) and JD1/JR3DVL plan to be active from Ogasawara during June 30 to July 8, 2022. Main purpose of the trip: QRV on 6m EME and Multi-hop ES to NA, EU and to those who need JD1/O for a new one. Note: This activity is taking place during…

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ZY0FUN – Fernando de Noronha

[UPCOMING] Ed, PY2RN will be active as ZY0FUN from Vila dos Remedios, Fernando de Noronha during July 1-5, 2022. QRV holiday style 40-6m; FT8, CW. Also QRV on via satellites – see here for SAT info.

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[15] What’s in the DX Shoebox today?

Part 15 of this interesting feature. However, if it wasn’t for readers such as ON4VT, F6EPN and a couple of others, sadly there’s a good chance this topic will now stop. We know there’s thousands of DX-World readers everyday – we put out a plea for help to make this…

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The monthly test of the Maunakea VOAD Repeater is set for Saturday, 02 July 2022, 1200-1300 HST.

The Hawaii Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) urges licensed Hawaii Amateur Radio operators to participate in the Saturday, 16 July 2022, Makani ‘Ino Hurricane Emergency Communications Drill. For details, please go here:

Aloha es 73 de Russell Roberts (KH6JRM)

Public Information Officer

Hawaii County, ARRL Pacific Section


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