W1AW/KH6 VOTA Contest Operation


Here are the latest results from the “W1AW/KH6 VOTA Contest Operation.”

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Accessed on 27 February 2021, 1402 UTC.

Content provided by ARRL Pacific Section Manager Joseph Speroni (AH0A).

Source: (W1AW/KH6 VOTA Contest Operation).

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Aloha all,

You have probably heard about the ARRL VOTA (Volunteers on the Air) 2023
contest but may not be familiar with the background behind the W1AW/KH6
operation.  Why W1AW?

Well, the ARRL club station W1AW was the first FCC allocation of a Radio
station promoting the  Amateur service.  “In December 1936, the
FCC–in the first action of its kind–assigned the call W1AW to ARRL in
memoriam. A 7-acre site was purchased in the sleepy town of Newington,
about 5 miles southwest of Brainard Field. The Maxim Memorial Station,
W1AW, was dedicated on September 2, 1938.”

Here is a link to information about the current station

Many hams have had the opportunity to visit ARRL HQ in Newington and
operate the station which has evolved to support multiple operating
positions on all frequencies and modes.  Recently the League has
promoted portable operation of the station in all US states and
territories.  This year is the second opportunity for Hawaii hams to
operate this famous station with their own equipment.

In 2023 Hawaii was allocated two weeks to operate W1AW/KH6.  The first
was a few weeks ago – February 8th thru the 14th and a second
opportunity will be in December. Simultaneous operation of three modes
(CW, Digital, and Phone) were permitted on contest bands.  Each mode had
a coordinator – Lloyd Cabral (KH6LC) for CW, Kimo Chun (KH7U) for
phone and Michael Miller (KH6ML) for digital.  They did a fantastic job
that resulted in over 11,000 QSOs.

Joe Tabrah (AH6T) was the state coordinator submitting all the logs to
LoTW for award credits.  He took responsibility for formatting the
uploads to LoTW for Hawaii operators.  Many thanks to him for handling
this part of the event, freeing W1AW/KH6 volunteer operators from
administrative tasks.  Some who had no LoTW accounts were able to
participate thanks to Joe’s help.

Joe provided some statistics for the first week,

(21 February 2023, AH6T)

A total of 11,719 contacts, contained in 23 logs, were consolidated into
the submittal made to ARRL/LOTW on 21 February 2023. Operating modes
included CW, SSB, FT8, and MFSK as follows:

CW  4,423  37.7%
SSB  2,282  19.5%
FT8  4,680  39.9%
MFSK  334  2.9%
Total  11,719  100.0%

As a matter of interest, W1AW/KH6 made contacts with a total of 107


Thanks to the coordinators for each mode who managed scheduling and
coordinated the use of the W1AW/KH6 call:

CW:  Lloyd Cabral,
SSB: Kimo Chun, KH7U
Digital: Michael Miller, KH6ML

Thank you too, to all of the operators for their dedication of
significant time to the effort!

ARRL Pacific Section
Section Manager: Joseph Speroni, AH0A

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