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 Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 271

Amateur Radio Weekly

Director Ria Jairam recused by ARRL, and it seems political to me
Ria discussed the issue with me, and this is my understanding.
Bruce Perens

Innovation on Morse Code for US Military
In 1991 this system revolutionized the training of Morse code copying skills for both students and instructors.

The Meteor M2 LRPT weather satellite has failed
Meteor M2 is a Russian meteorological satellite whose LRPT transmissions at 137 MHz were relatively easily received by anyone with a simple satellite antenna.

BBC Lights Out
A man, a mouse and a morse key: The story of a Radio Amateur in Kyiv.
BBC Radio

Archive for Amateur Radio grows to 51,000 items
The newest additions include books, journals and magazines, newsletters, and archives of early Internet discussion lists.

How to become a Shortwave listener with Fedora Linux
Replace the radio receiver with Fedora Linux.
Fedora Magazine

There are still quite a few POTA sites that have never been activated.

I fell off the QRP wagon and regret it already
Here is the backstory of my most recent park activation and how I got it all wrong.
Ham Radio Outside the Box

Pros and cons of HF attic antennas
Want to work more than a single band? Parallel/fan dipoles are a good solution.

Voice vs asynchronous data for survival
Asynchronous messaging works in parallel with our real-time comms plan.


Downloading images directly from weather satellites
This is an introductory video to a series that will show you how you can do the same.

Learn Morse Code in 20 minutes
Classic US Army Training (1966)

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