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 Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 269

Amateur Radio Weekly

It’s finally dead! Yaesu FT-818 discontinued
Yaesu says parts availability is the reason for discontinuing the radio.

U.S. begins installing ‘Mighty’ over-the-horizon radar
The sensor station, known as the Tactical Mobile Over-the-Horizon Radar, or TACMOR, will be set up on the highly strategic island of Palau.
The EurAsian Times

More Amateur Radio Astronauts head for the space station
Three of the four new astronauts on February’s planned launch of the SpaceX Crew-6 mission to the ISS are Amateur radio Operators.

Survey results: Ham Radio Nets
This survey was an attempt to understand how people seek out information about nets and how they discover new ones.

How to win a Ham Radio contest with low power
Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy the experience.

PI9CAM bounces Slow Scan TV signals off the moon
PI9CAM used the 25-metre dish at the site which was originally built in 1956.

QRPp: Activate a park with ⅒ of a watt
Let’s face it, I was drunk with a lack of power.

All-in-one cable for audio and APRS
The AIOC enumerates as a sound card as well as a virtual serial device.

Radio stations power down at night, because of the laws of physics
If your favorite station shuts down at night, blame the laws of physics.

Encoding NTSC
NTSC-CRT is a video signal encoding/decoding simulator with no hardware acceleration, floating point math, or third-party libraries. Just basic C.

Exploring a 10 MHz OCXO (Oven-controlled Crystal Oscillator)
It’s been used for a few projects requiring good frequency stability.


AT&T Archives: Stepping along with television
In 1949, this film was part of the very first hour of broadcasting following the linkup of the East Coast television networks to the Midwestern states.

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