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The Year in Review:  “The most clicked links of 2022.”

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Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 268 December 31st, 2022
As is tradition, the last issue of the year takes a look back at the most popular links from the past 12 months. 2022 was an abbreviated year (ARW spun back up in April), but plenty of great articles were published in the past 9 months. So without further delay, here are the top links measured by number of clicks for 2022!

The most clicked links of 2022

1. TAP: A Morse Code alternative
This mode has roots in ancient Greece.
2. KrakenSDR locates a repeater jammer in 1 hour
Using the KrakenSDR Radio Direction Finder, we were at his house in 60 minutes.
3. Sun is more active than NASA predicted
It could be in its strongest cycle since records began.
4. sBitx: The SDR for the homebrewer
$100 40 Watt HF transceiver based on a Raspberry Pi.
5. Taking a long hard look at our community
Without the efforts of each individual amateur, our worldwide license to experiment is doomed.
6. An economical solar kit for a 100W Ham Station
These starter kits can be easily expanded with a larger battery and additional series or parallel cells.
7. Morsle: The daily Morse code challenge
You have 21 tries to guess the word
8. Icom announces IC-905 SHF SDR transceiver
The IC-905 covers 144MHz, 430Mhz, 1.2GHz, 2.4GHz, 5.6GHz and (with the help of an optional module) 10GHz.
9. Why I quit QRP (and maybe shouldn’t have)
For many years I was a dedicated QRP operator, then came along the gloomy depths of the solar minimum.
Ham Radio Outside the Box
10. Yes, Amateur Radio is still a thing: Here’s why
With great power comes greater responsibility, and Amateur Radio is no exception.

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