SKYWARN Recognition Day


Nationwide Skywarn Recognition Day is this Saturday, 03 December 2022.

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Content provided by Joe (AH6T) and ARRL Pacific Section Manger Joseph Speroni (AH0A).


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This Saturday is the nationwide SkyWarn recognition day.  Joe Tabrah
(AH6T) passed on information about Hawaii plans to participate using
Winlink to transport messages to the Hawaii Narional Weather office.

Please pass this info on to hams in your area.


SKYWARN™ Recognition Day serves to celebrate the contributions to
public safety made by amateur radio operators during severe weather

For Hawaii Amateur Radio operators, and especially SKYWARN Spotters, to
submit a message to KH6SW, the NWS.

KH6SW, the Hawaii NWS station, will accept Winlink messages on December
3, 2022, from 06:00 – 1200 HST.

A message, in simple text format, should consist of your call sign,
frequency and mode used to transmit the original message, and the
sending station’s Skywarn Member number if you have one.  Please
submit only one message per mode used.
•        HF or VHF Winlink gateways direct to KH6SW;
•        HF Voice to a HF hub station
•        HF P2P to the HF P2P hub station
•        VHF Voice t a VHF hub station
•        VHF P2P to a VHF P2P hub station
•        Any other mode agreed to between a station and hub station
(hub stations will then forward message to KH6SW via winlink)

Participating Hub Stations:
Winlink capable stations are encouraged to volunteer to receive messages
and transcribe them to Winlink for later submission by Winlink to KH6SW.
The hub  station may use any mode to receive message exchanges before
converting them to a single Winlink text message (no template, just
text) with a summary of received exchanges to be sent to KH6SW by
Winlink. NWS has asked that we not send the information to them, message
by message, so hub stations need only send one Winlink message at the
end of their “shift”.

Voice Hubs:
HF:  AH6T –     10:00-11:00 7095 kHz LSB
VHF: KH6FV – 09:00-10:00 DEM Repeaters
VHF: WH6KM- 08:00-09:00 DEM Repeaters

P2P Winlink Hubs:
HF: AH6T –   06:00 to 12:00 HST, VARA HF, 7118 kHz (Dial)  500Hz
VHF: AH6T –   06:00 to 12:00 HST, VARA FM P2P, 145.050 MHz

Please check your island/district ARES reflector for any additional hub
stations, their modes of operation, and their operating hours.

73 de Joe/AH6T

ARRL Pacific Section
Section Manager: Joseph Speroni, AH0A


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