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The EMCOMM-Training Group participated in their second national semi-annual peer winlink exercise on Saturday, 12 November 2022.

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Content provided by Joseph Speroni (AH0A), ARRL Pacific Section Manager.


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The EMCOMM-Training Group held their second nationwide Semi-Annual Peer
to Peer  Winlink exercise an Saturday, 12 November 2022.  This exercise
was an extension of the Thursday ETO Winlink Training exercises held
weekly through the year.  The purpose of the exercises and of the
EMCOMM-Training-Group is to train operators in using Winlink’s many
message handling elements and to demonstrate the amateur radio
community’s ability to provide accurate and timely messaging over
radio only paths using Winlink.

The scenario for the Saturday drill was an asteroid that hit Earth’s
atmosphere, broke up into many fragments, and these fragments caused
widespread damage on impact.  Participating amateurs prepared and
submitted a Field Situation Report and an ICS-213 form answering
specific questions posed by the dill masters.

For the Peer-to-Peer exercise held Saturday, participating stations were
asked to submit their exercise messages via a group of 34 target
stations located throughout the mainland United States, Puerto Rico, and
Hawaii.  These stations were strategically assigned operating
frequencies that covered 80 – 15 meters.

One target station, AH6T, operated on 40 meters (7118 dial) between the
hours o 06:00 and 18:00 HST in support of Hawaii’s participants.  A
total of 12 Hawaii stations submitted messages:


All amateurs are encouraged to learn to use Winlink by taking advantage
of the weekly exercises sponsored by the EMCOMM TRAINING GROUP
( and the bi-weekly Winlink exercises
sponsored by Hawaii ARES (

ARRL Pacific Section
Section Manager: Joseph Speroni, AH0A

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