Monthly Siren Test


The Big Island Monthly Siren test is set for Monday, 01 November 2022, with roll call 1130 HST.

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Aloha Big Island Hams,
I am forwarding the following per request from Darrell KH6RDO and Bev KH7LM,
The Big Island Monthly Siren Net is scheduled for Tuesday 1 November 2022
Net Control Joseph WH6FZH will start the Net with Roll Call at 11:30AM on Tuesday 1 November 2022 via RF on Hawaii Allstar Network.
We are looking for Island wide participation on this monthly exercise to report their results.
Here are help aids to use for NET preparation:
Most Wanted Sirens by Duane Hosaka:
Siren Location List that are being monitored:
AllStar Repeater & Simplex Frequencies:
Please reachout to Darrell and Bev if you have any questions.
Darrell KH6RDO –
Bev KH7LM –
73 es aloha,


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