Hawai`i Stations   –    Working the World!

   August 27 – 29   2022

Start at 0400Z on the 27th, ends at 0359Z on the 29th. Note that is 6 pm local Hawaiian time Friday through Sunday evening.

The Hawai`i QSO Party (HQP) is an event to promote HF operation from the unique Hawai`i destination in the Pacific. Hawai`i is an ARRL DXCC entity as well as the nation’s 50th state needed for the ARRL WAS Award.

Some common questions:
*  Grid Squares are allowed instead of QTH name IF the mode does not allow QTH names to be logged.
      For details click HERE
*  When uploading your log be sure to include this line in your Cabrillo header:
*  Upload logs  here
      The deadline is Sept 12, 2022. We need time to check logs and come up with the results.
*  Having trouble generating a Cabrillo log file? Try this handy  webform.
*  Spotting is allowed and encouraged. Check out this  new tool.
      Please note that spotting yourself is NOT allowed.

Some fun stuff:

Hawaii QSO Party –The Trailer

We do it  Island Style.

Who doesn’t like hula?

Mahalo to Icom America for supporting HQP awards.