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News for Sunday 7 August

QSO Today Richard Bateman, KD7BBC
Richard Bateman, KD7BBC, smitten by computers and programming from an early age, used this talent to solve problems

ISRO launch AzaadiSAT satellite
To mark India’s 75th year of independence, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) have launched an amateur radio satellite ‘AzaadiSAT‘ developed by 750 young women from 75 schools across India

Amateur radio stations for emergency communications
The Times of India reports the Tripura State Government will set up at least nine amateur radio stations for communications in a disaster

GB8PCA – Prostate Cancer Awareness
In August GB8PCA will be on the air to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer and that early detection saves lives

Apogee View
The Amsat News Service say that this year’s Hamvention theme was Reunion, which was certainly evident among this year’s attendees

The SARL HF Phone Contest this afternoon
The SARL HF Phone Contest will be on the air from 14:00 to 17:00 UTC this afternoon

Southgate Vibes Podcast #183
Steve Richards G4HPE is here with the latest edition of Southgate Vibes.
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News for Saturday 6 August

Foundations of Amateur Radio
The microphone gain game …
One of the most misunderstood settings on your radio is the microphone gain. You’ll often hear people talking about adjusting it up or down depending on what they hear and the results are often displeasing to the ear

Radio amateur awarded six-figure NSF grant
The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded a grant of $399,211 to Nathaniel Frissell W2NAF, Ph.D., assistant professor physics and electrical engineering at The University of Scranton

Young radio amateurs special event
The Young Amateurs Radio Club (YARC) will host their first annual youth-organized special event from September 1-15, 2022

VK6WIA NewsWest
NewsWest for Sunday 7th August 2022 is all about contesting, and a fair amount of our time is devoted to preparing for next weekend’s Remembrance Day Contest, and there’s more.

Radio seized for interfering with police transmissions
In Texas, authorities cracked down after a hand-held radio caused emergency interference with police transmissions

WIA supporting Binar satellites
This year the Board of the WIA agreed to support the upcoming mission 2 that will see satellites: Binar-2, Binar-3 and Binar-4 be deployed from the ISS in the same way as Binar-1 into LEO. A subsequent mission 3 will follow about a year later with three more CubeSats (Binar-5,6 and 7) to also be delivered into Low Earth Orbit

A radio relic
The Astronomy magazine site carries a picture of the radio telescope built in 1937 by radio amateur Grote Reber W9GFZ

Keplerian data
Special thanks to AMSAT-NA (AMSAT.ORG) for the following Keplerian data

Propagation Report from Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP
Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP, reports that the solar activity is expected to be at low levels


News for Friday 5 August

Ham radio in SLUG Magazine
Salt Lake City’s SLUG Magazine reports on the upcoming DIY Festival which will have an amateur radio presence thanks to the local radio club

The new ARRL Radio Laboratory
Introducing the brand new ARRL Radio Laboratory, W1HQ! Join Jherica Goodgame, KI5HTA, as she walks you through everything there is to know about this newest edition to ARRL Headquarters

The 2023 SARL Contest Manual
The Contest Working Group has held two meetings to date. The aim of these meetings is to work through the steps to create the 2023 Contest Manual or Blue Book

The Propagation Horoscope
Almost once a week, and the students of ‘Earth to Sky Calculus’ fly space weather balloons to the stratosphere over California

French special callsign
Members of the Radio Club Vendeen (F6KUF) will activate the special callsign TM3GGR between August 20th and September 4th

French Special Event
Operators Laurent/F1SNK, John/F4EEY, Richard/F5LLZ, Pierre/F5LTM, Michel/F5MKD and Andre/F6APU will activate the special callsign TM150FOR from Strasbourg, France

DX News from the ARRL
The American Radio Relay League’s round-up of the forthcoming week’s DX activity on the amateur radio bands

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