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Accessed on 23 July 2022, 1507 UTC.

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News for Saturday 23 July

Foundations of Amateur Radio
Take a long hard look at our community …
The art of amateur radio is a globe spanning activity, held together by radio waves and the promise of a community with a shared uncommon interest.
The strength of a community depends entirely on the members of that community. Without the efforts of each individual amateur, our worldwide license to experiment is doomed

Amateur radio operators are vital unsung heroes
Amateur radio operators have a long and storied history across the globe and are often referred to as ‘ham’ radio operators

Solar Tsunami and CME
The CME’s arrival today could spark minor to moderate geomagnetic storms with auroras at high latitudes

VK6WIA NewsWest
In NewsWest for Sunday 24th July 2022  we’re aiming at New Amateurs, and we’ll be welcoming and congratulating them, and providing information and resources that Amateurs New and Old will appreciate

The Sandton ARC Power Hour Tech Talk
This talk is perfect for all Amateurs or Elmers who want to learn more about logging and the modern logging tools or share their knowledge and experience

QST now offering a column for radio clubs
ARRL invites you to be part of ‘Club Station,’ the newest column in QST. This column is a space for radio clubs to share the different ways in which they’re successful to help other clubs grow

Instagram, TikTok and YouTube teenagers’ top three news sources
Teenagers in the UK are turning away from traditional news channels and are instead looking to Instagram, TikTok and YouTube to keep up to date, Ofcom has found

Propagation Report from Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP
Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP, reports that the solar activity is expected to be at low levels

Southgate Vibes Podcast #179
Steve Richards G4HPE is here with the latest edition of Southgate Vibes.
There’s two new episodes every week – on Tuesdays and Fridays – Click the ‘Play’ button to listen to the latest episode
Or.. ask your smart-speaker to ‘Play The Latest Southgate Vibes Podcast’


News for Friday 22 July

QRM Guru and the national regulator
In a recent ACMA Update ( 20th July) the ACMA deny any official support for QRM Guru. We are genuinely confused by this announcement

Ten amateur radio CubeSats deployed from ISS
On July 21, 2022, during a spacewalk by Samantha Cristoforetti IZ0UDF and Oleg Artemyev, 10 amateur radio CubeSats were deployed from the International Space Station

Direct to Full examination syllabus
We are pleased to announce the publication of the new Direct to Full examination syllabus

New CWops Ambassador for North West Europe
CWops President, Stew GW0ETF, has announced that Duncan (Mac), G3WZD CWops member #1979, has been appointed to take over Stew’s role as CWops Ambassador for NW Europe (essentially UK and Iceland)

Register now for free online amateur radio training course
The next free amateur radio Foundation Online training course run by volunteers from Essex Ham starts on August 7 – places still available. Register Now

Annual Amateur Radio Survey 2022
Essex Ham are running a survey, to get a feel for how today’s radio amateurs are viewing the hobby


News for Thursday 21 July

ACMA disavows false endorsement of QRM Guru Story
The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has issued an official statement, saying that ‘. . the ACMA has not endorsed a third-party interference management tool called QRM Guru. Any claims about the ACMA endorsing any third-party interference management tool are false.’

Brazil: Proposed regulatory changes mandate LOTW
LABRE, Brazil’s national amateur radio society, report ANATEL’s proposed regulatory changes mandate the use of ARRL’s Logbook of the World in order to upgrade

HARA donates radio history
Old pieces of radio history that had a home in Highland County for several years now rest in a West Virginia museum due to the efforts of the Highland Amateur Radio Association (HARA)

IOTA News from the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club
Weekly IOTA News – compiled by Andreas, DK5ON of the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club

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