Makani ‘Ino Communications Drill


Makani ‘Ino Hurricane Communications Drill is set for Saturday, 16 July 2022, 0900-1200 HST.

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Jul 6, 2022, 7:10 PM (8 hours ago)

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Makani ‘Ino is a drill to test the ability of volunteer Amateur Radio
operators to establish emergency radio communications in the event of
severe infrastructure failure. Hams will use their radios and computers
with the Winlink Global Radio Email®️ system to send simulated
messages around the islands including Winlink Hurricane Reports,
Check-Ins, Check-Outs, Field Situation Report, Damage Reports, Request
for Assistance, and Red Cross Shelter Reports.

Since Amateur Radio does not rely on public infrastructure that may be
disrupted, we can actually send emails and computer maps using RF
all-around Oahu, the neighbor islands, as well as nationally,
internationally, to help different served agencies. During the Makani
‘Ino exercise on July 16th, radio operators will “start on voice and
then send simulated digital messages of hurricane damage, and move on to
shelter reports, and requests for assistance.”

Michael Miller (KH6ML), the Commex event PIO, has been able to promote
our event with interviews on KHNL and KITV and has scheduled PSAs on
Oahu Salem Media FM stations.

The Hawaii Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) training EXERCISE is
Saturday, July 16th, 2022, from 9 am to noon.  The ARES team is
promoting the event as a demonstration of the Amateur Radio Service
contribution to our communities. Even if you are not an active member of
ARES, please consider participating to demonstrate our training and
value.  It can be fun and you might learn more about Amateur Radio
digital communication and its interface to computer mapping technology.

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Hawaii Island Amateur Radio News:

The Big Island Amateur Radio Club (BIARC) will meet on Saturday, 09 July 2022, at the Keaau Community Center.  The BIARC Board will meet at 1200 HST, while the general membership meeting will begin at 1400 HST.  Members may attend the meeting via the ZOOM conference protocol as well.

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