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News for Wednesday 1 June

Tony’s 10m Band Report
Well what a week! C5C (Gambia) very prominent during the week except for Wednesday when 3D2RRR (Rotuma) got in front. For the PX contest LW1F and LT6M (Both Argentina) were bossing it.

I called C5C several times but they were taking so long to work stations even using several streams it was difficult to see what their methodology was.

AO-73/FUNcube-1 Fitter message for 70th Jubilee Celebration
In June 2022, Her Majesty The Queen becomes the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee after 70 years of service

International mis-representation
The WIA appear to have misled the ARRL, RSGB, and others regarding the representation process for Amateur Radio in Australia

New HEMA DL Region live
Following close behind the DL-HBW (Baden-Wuerttemberg) region, the DL/HBM (Bayern Mittlegebirge) region has now been added to the HEMA summit awards scheme in time to be available to those amateurs travelling to and from Ham Radio Friedrichshafen in three weeks time, for activation ‘en-route’

Keplerian data
Special thanks to AMSAT-NA (AMSAT.ORG) for the following Keplerian data

WWFF activities
World Wide Flora and Fauna on Amateur Radio

IOTA News from the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club
Weekly IOTA News – compiled by Andreas, DK5ON of the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club

Southgate Vibes Podcast #168
Steve Richards G4HPE is here with the latest edition of Southgate Vibes.
There’s two new episodes every week – on Tuesdays and Fridays – Click the ‘Play’ button to listen to the latest episode
Or.. ask your smart-speaker to ‘Play The Latest Southgate Vibes Podcast’
News for Tuesday 31 May

SOTA on BBC Countryfile
The hobby of amateur radio, and portable operating in particular, will receive some high profile coverage this coming Sunday, 5th June, on national televsion.
The long-running BBC Countryfile programme airs at 6pm on the main BBC1 channel, and will be based from Flat Holm Island in the Bristol Channel

Australia: Under 18’s can take ham radio exam online
The WIA recently received official AMC documentation confirming a shift in Amateur Radio Remote Exam Procedure

‘Q’ RSL to celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee
Holders of a UK Foundation, Intermediate or Full Amateur Radio licence can apply online for a Notice of Variation (NoV) to use the ‘Q’ RSL in their callsign during the month of June

A meteor outburst is possible tonight
Probably nothing will happen. However, there is reason to believe that a cloud of debris from broken comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 is approaching Earth, and could cause a meteor outburst over North America on the night of May 30-31

China prepares final missions to complete its Tiangong space station
China released details about the final stages of work on its Tiangong space station, an under-construction orbiter started after the US barred Beijing from participating in the International Space Station

Amateur Radio “Field Day” June 25 and 26
The public is invited by the Boston Amateur Radio Club to view the proceedings on Saturday from 2 to 8 PM and on Sunday from 10 to 1 PM at Hale Reservation, 80 Carby Street, Westwood, MA. Drop by to see them in action, learn how to join in on the hobby

How BBC changes affect Freeview, Freesat and Sky
A series of cuts to services are being planned by the BBC

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