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Now Online! Digital editions of June 2022 QST, May/June On the AirQEX, and NCJ
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June QST

Kid-Friendly Morse Code Key Project

Bob Knoblauch, KA2YXX, and Michele Knoblauch, KD2BPN


If you’re looking for an inexpensive make-and-take project to offer at your Field Day operation, look no further than the “Kid-Friendly Morse Code Key Project.” Step-by-step instructions and clear photos will help you guide visitors through this simple build of a working Morse code oscillator. Read QST



2022 ARRL Field Day Guide

Sponsored by DX Engineering


Check out our tear-out, take-along ARRL Field Day Guide. This QST supplement has tips on setting up and running your station, information on how to fine-tune emergency communications skills during the event, a safety checklist, a handy guide for tracking bonus points, and more!

May/June On the Air

What is FM?


Many of us are used to hearing about FM, but how many of us know what it actually is, how it works, and why you, as a ham, might want to use it? You can get all that information and more in this article on frequency modulation. Read On the Air

May/June QEX

An Arduino Based Dial Box for Extending the Control Panel of Modern Transceivers

Mark Noe, KE1IU


This portable controller conveniently extends access to your radio’s functions without the need for a PC. Check out the article for instructions on building this Arduino Due project. Read QEX

May/June NCJ

Field Day Interference Management

Nelson Sollenberger, KA2C, and Steve Struharik, WA8EIH


Operating ARRL Field Day using multiple radios at the same site can result in RF interference, especially if some of the radios are operated simultaneously on the same band, on harmonically related frequencies, or with antennas separated by only a few hundred feet. In 2021, the Antietam Radio Association of Hagerstown, Maryland, reached their long-held goal of running this type of operation without significant interference. Read this article to find out how they did it. Read NCJ



To celebrate the 50th year of publication for ARRL’s National Contest Journal, ARRL has commissioned a limited-edition challenge coin as a gift to all 2022 subscribers — new and renewing! Subscribe Now


Eclectic Tech — Episode 59


In this episode of ARRL’s Eclectic Tech podcast ARRL’s Radiosport Manager Bart Jahnke, W9JJ, describes a brand-new on-the-air contest for digital communicators that will debut on June 4. Also, coming in on the heels of 5G technology, 6G has appeared on the horizon. Listen Now

On the Air — Episode 29


The upcoming episode of the On the Air podcast is all about FM, an old — but still very useful — technology, complete with audio samples. Debuts May 12

ARRL Oxford Shirts Available


Add a personalized oxford shirt to your wardrobe. This wrinkle-resistant long-sleeve oxford button-down shirt is a 60% cotton 40% poly blend. Features a classic fit, button-down collar, left chest pocket, and extended tail. Includes the ARRL logo embroidered on the left chest and your name and call sign embroidered on the right. Available in light blue and white. Shop Now

ARRL Foundation Club Grant Program


The ARRL has long recognized that it is in the best interests of amateur radio to encourage and support amateur radio clubs. Clubs recruit, license, and train new radio amateurs, and provide the community setting to continue their education and training. The ARRL Foundation Club Grant Program, funded by a grant from Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC), will make $500,000 available to clubs, to provide and expand these important services more easily. Learn More

ARRL Events App

In partnership with Hamvention®, we are offering the free ARRL Events app to help attendees navigate the large-scale event. The app includes Hamvention’s full program, so attendees can browse and schedule forums, find affiliated events, and preview the extensive list of exhibitors. During the event, attendees can use other app features to follow the hourly prize drawings, browse site maps, and more. Download Now

Upcoming Conventions
Dayton Hamvention® and featuring ARRL EXPO

Xenia, Ohio | May 20—22, 2022


SEA-PAC hosting the ARRL Northwestern Division Convention

Seaside, Oregon | June 3—5, 2022


International Digital Contest | June 4-5, 2022


June VHF | June 11-13, 2022


Kids Day | June 18, 2022


HAM RADIO International Amateur Radio Exhibition

Friedrichshafen, Germany | June 24-26, 2022


ARRL Field Day | June 25-26, 2022

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