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Here Comes the Sun


Why do hams care so much about solar cycles? The answer starts about 50 miles above your head in the ionosphere, where ham radio signals are heard hundreds, or even thousands of miles away. Learn about Cycle 25 and why hams are happy that it’s here.
Space Weather & You
Just as with weather here on Earth, it is a good idea to keep informed about space weather conditions and forecasts. If you are looking at current space weather data, pay particular attention to the Solar Flux Index, K-index, and A-index as discussed in this article.

ARRL’s On the Air – Episode 15

What does the new solar cycle have in store for the HF bands? Propagation expert Carl Luetzelschwab, K9LA, tells us what to expect in this episode of the On the Air podcast.
Our Active Sun
Did you know the sun has an enormous impact on amateur radio? Unless you are operating at very low frequencies or ones above 144 MHz, solar winds, sunspots, solar flares, and coronal mass ejections can impact your amateur radio activities. Read more about how in this article.

Cycle 25 Logo Gear

Solar Cycle 25 is already beginning to show its influence on long-distance radio propagation, and the ARRL store has your must-have Cycle 25 items. From comfortable two-sided t-shirts featuring the colorful Cycle 25 logo, to a golden yellow cotton cap that is certain to be a warm-weather favorite, and a durable ceramic mug that holds 18 ounces of your favorite beverage with style.
Solar cycle — The cycle of sunspots that rise from a minimum number of sunspots to a peak level, and then back down to minimum over a period that has long been believed to span 11 years, though new research suggests it may be longer. Propagation on the high-frequency (HF) bands varies along with the sunspot cycle.



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