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Here’s the latest edition of “Southgate Amateur Radio News”, published on Saturday, 13 November 2021.

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News for Saturday 13 November

Foundations of Amateur Radio
Defeating the Pitfalls of Predicting HF Propagation
As you might know, I like to transmit with as little power as possible, known as QRP operation. My own station runs at 5 Watts, since on HF, that’s as low as my radio will go. I could go lower by turning down the microphone gain, which interestingly is how some radios actually operate

Tony’s 10m Band Report
This week’s most popular station was undoubtedly HD8R in the Galapagos Is. Others worth an honourable mention are 7P8RU (Lesotho), TL7M (Central African Republic), C5C (Gambia), VK2BY (Australia) with more further down the list. LU9DCE did a lot of spotting, again. So did LU4DRH

Introducing the ID-52E D-STAR Digital Handheld Transceiver!
The ID-52E, VHF/UHF dual-band digital transceiver, the latest in a long line of D-STAR handportables from Icom will be available from authorised Icom dealers at the beginning of December

RSGB 2021 Convention: Unwrapped
The RSGB held its second online Convention on Saturday 9 October. This new video – RSGB 2021 Convention: Unwrapped – gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how the Society created the event. It also includes quotes from viewers and presenters, as well as some statistics to show just how many thousands of people engaged with it during the day

W1AW 2021/2022 Winter Operating Schedule
All licensed amateurs may operate the station from 1500 UTC to 2045 UTC (10 AM to 3:45 PM EST). Be sure to bring a reference copy of your current FCC amateur radio license

Clubs asked to update contact details
Australia’s WIA has asked clubs to update their contact details, many are now out of date after the events of the past 20 months. This problem doesn’t just apply to Australia but to the UK and other countries as well

WIA meets with ACMA
During October the WIA met with the ACMA to discuss several important topics including the new amateur radio class licencing proposals

USKA rewards its volunteers with excursion
Switzerland’s national amateur radio society, the USKA, showed its gratitude to the organisation’s volunteers by organising a trip to Solothurn for them

France: Ham radio exam and operator certificate are now free
National Frequency Agency, ANFR, site carries the announcement that the amateur radio exam and the operator certificate will now be free of charge

New TAPR PSR newsletter available
The Autumn issue #150 of TAPR’s quarterly newsletter PSR includes tools for APRS and detecting putative Sporadic E using WSPRNet. It is available for free download

Radio amateurs on Channel 4 TV
Barry Amateur Radio Society members should be on Channel 4 TV at 8pm on Saturday, November 13 in the show Britain by Beach with Anita Rani

100 Years of Amateur Radio in India
HamfestIndia 2021 Organizing Committee cordially invites you for the commemoration of 100 years of Amateur Radio in India

Central American convention held online Nov 5-7
The 61st. Convention of the Federation of Amateur Radio Clubs of Central American and Panama (FRACAP) was opened by its General Secretary, José  Arturo Molina, YS1MS, on Friday, November 5

RamSat taking photos while orbiting Earth
Yahoo reports the amateur radio CubeSat, RAMSAT, developed by students at Robertsville Middle School has been taking pictures of the Earth

HS400OZ and OZ400HS celebrated 400 years of bilateral relations
Between September 1 and October 31 HS400OZ and OZ400HS were on the air to celebrate 400 years of bilateral relations between the two countries. 76% of all contacts were made using data mode FT8/FT4/RTTY

DX News from the ARRL
The American Radio Relay League’s round-up of the forthcoming week’s DX activity on the amateur radio bands

Southgate Vibes Podcast #111
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