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Saturday, October 23, 2021

  • Worked All Germany (WAG) contest.
    The Worked all Germany (WAG) contest was this weekend. It’s an event in which you can operate both CW and SSB. I chose the CW only option for the contest. I entered low power (100 watts and under), single op and assisted (using spotting new works) It w…
  • LHS Episode #436: Bowling for Ham Radio
    Hello and welcome to Episode 436 of Linux in the Ham Shack. In this short-topics episode, the hosts discuss an ARDC grant for high school STEM students, a pair of …
  • Hunting For NDBs In CLE273
    BK-224 Baker Lake, NU ( It’s CLE time! ‘CLE’s are ‘Co-ordinated  Listening Events, and NDB DXers around the world focus their listening time on one small slice of  the NDB spectrum. This time it…
  • How Far on VHF SOTA?
    Adam/K6ARK recently posted this video of his 2m SOTA activation in California. Adam does a really nice job with his videos and this one is no exception. During this activation, he worked KE9AJ in Arizona at 256 miles. This was an FM QSO, with KE9AJ running 6 watts and K6ARK running over 120 watts. In […]

    The post How Far on VHF SOTA? appeared first on The KØNR Radio Site.

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