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QSO Today – Robert Nash – G4GEE


Dr. Robert Nash, G4GEE, discovered early on that amateur radio is a social hobby that makes him a citizen of the World with friendships on every continent

SRAL applies to join National Defense Training Association


The Finnish Radio Amateur Association (SRAL) has decided to apply for membership of the National Defense Training Association (MPK)

New DARC online HAMgroups include LoRaWAN


Germany’s DARC is creating online amateur radio groups to enable hams to share their specialist knowledge

CQ Hou Koers and Jamboree on the Air next weekend


Have you and your Club already contacted the local Voortrekker Commando, Scout Troop or Guide Company to assist with CQ Hou Koers and Jamboree on the Air on 16 and 17 October?

South African National CW Speed Week


Michael, ZS6MSW asks, ‘Have you ever thought of stretching your SPEED skills amongst your fellow Amateurs, in a way never heard before? Well, here is a First Never Done Before. Are you ready for the Challenge?’

NZART Contest Manager – Geoff Clark ZL3GA


NZART Council has appointed Geoff Clark ZL3GA to the vacant position of NZART Contest Manager at it’s October meeting

Intrepid-DX Group extends Youth Essay contest deadline


Due to the low number of essays received, the Intrepid-DX Group has extended the submission deadline for this year’s Youth ‘Dream Rig’ Essay Contest to November 15, 2021

Dorminy makes MASTERS list for third straight year


For Jonathan Dorminy of McDonough, the seeds for his amateur-radio passion were planted several years ago. The catalyst for that passion, he said, came when he received a book on the subject as a Christmas gift

Earth-directed solar flare and halo cme


This morning, an explosion on the sun hurled a CME almost directly toward Earth. It’s called a ‘halo CME’ because the storm cloud appears to make a halo around the solar disk as it moves in our direction

Holyland Contest 2021 results


The Holyland Contest 2021 results and Certificate generator

Propagation Report from Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP


Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP, reports that the solar activity is expected to be at low levels

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