Grid Madness 2021 Press Release


Thanks to Stan Froseth (AH6KO) for this summary of the Hawaiian Islands Grid Madness Event.

Views expressed in this Amateur Radio News update are those of the reporters and correspondents.

Accessed on 30 September 2021, 0112 UTC.

Content supplied by Stan Froseth (AH6KO).


Please scroll down to read Stan’s full message (includes links to photos and other reports). To see the photos, please use above link.

Hi Russ, here’s a short report on Grid Madness. Use/edit the text and
images as you wish. I am also sending this to Leigh Critchlow, Joe
Speroni and Stacy Holbrook for use in their news reporting.

Thanks and 73~ Stan AH6KO

Attached: 2021 Mad Crab logo (purchased from
Attached: Photo by KH6D “KH6D Grid Madness Icom style”
Attached: Photo by WH6FYK “WH6FYK Super-Mobile at BK29fm (Mauna Loa)”
Attached: Photo by AH6V “At QTH of AH6V in Hamakua”

*****Begin Press Release 9/29/2021*****

Grid Madness 2021: New participants, new band, and a few surprises!

It’s late September and you really should be back at school; but no …
you were on Grid Madness! 2021 saw good activity once again. Stan AH6KO
is buried in a pile of 55 log sheets with more on the way. By late
October, the dust will settle and you can read the annual Summary and
Results. In the meantime, Stan shares a few highlights:

<<Participation down from 2020>> Number of logs received appears to be
down a bit. Some of the “big guns” were silent this year. But others
like KH6HI (69 claimed contacts) and KH6D (50 claimed) stepped up.
Thanks Bert and Ron!

<<New call signs heard>> A bunch of new ops for 2021. Reagan WH6OMG
turned in a superb first time-effort with about 30 contacts (including a
relay). Welcome!

<<The new game in town: 6 meters>> A robust turnout on 50Mhz, and
especially on Oahu and the Big Island. Mitch NH6JC was on six from Kuaai
and connected with Steve KH6WG on Oahu.

<<Crazy relay on 1.25 meters>> Craig KH6CP (Oahu) connected with Jeremy
KH7CN (Puna on the Big Island) via relay through WH6FYK. Roy was on
Mauna Loa.

<<Return to Mauna Loa>> Also on the mountain — WH6GOG. Gerald and Roy
join the elite group of hams that have experienced the high altitude
simplex experience.

Stan sez “Thanks to all! Okay now let’s get on back to school.” Or to
the SET, or whatever.

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*****End Press Release 9/29/2021*****

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