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October QST

Grammy-Nominated Musician Raul Midón, AE3RM, Takes Radio on the Road
Jim Millner, WB2REM, and Gene Hinkle, K5PA


This blind ham, jazz singer, songwriter, and guitarist blends radio with his music career, while operating from his accessible stations at home and on tour. The song “Peace on Earth” on Raul Midón’s, AE3RM, 2007 album “A World Within a World,” features Morse code. Read QST

September/October On the Air

A New Ham’s Guide to The ARRL Handbook

Steve Goodgame, K5ATA


It can be hard to know where to start building your ham radio resource library. As a new ham, you’ll want a resource that has various levels of complexity — a book you can look to in order to gain a basic understanding of a concept, but also one you can go back to when you’re ready to go deeper into a topic. In this article, Steve Goodgame, K5ATA, explains why The ARRL Handbook should be the first book you purchase. Read on to find out which chapters he recommends specifically for beginners. Read On the Air

September/October QEX

Designing an Impedance Matching Network with a Drafting Ruler and Triangle
Luiz Duarte Lopes, CT1EOJ


Solve a matching network graphically using drafting implements – no computer needed. Read QEX

September/October NCJ

ARRL November Sweepstakes as a Gateway to Contesting
Scott Wright, KØMD, and Frank M. Howell, K4FMH


A close look at Sweepstakes participation data over the past several years reveals some surprising – and encouraging – trends regarding newer licensees. Read NCJ


Eclectic Tech – Episode 42 – September 9


Episode 42 of the Eclectic Tech podcast is a discussion with ARRL Lab Manager Ed Hare, W1RFI, about RF safety and the FCC’s recent changes to the RF exposure rules. Listen in to get information on this important issue. Listen now


On the Air – Episode 21 – September 9


The September/October 2021 On the Air article, “A New Ham’s Guide to The ARRL Handbook,” provides a way into this enormous – and enormously valuable – ham radio resource. In this episode of the On the Air podcast, the article’s author, Steve Goodgame, K5ATA, elaborates on how the Handbook can help new hams understand concepts such as antenna gain, and how it can even help save new hams time and money on purchases like feed line and antennas. Listen now

Education & Learning

Working the Pileup

October 5, 2021 @ 1:00 pm EDT (1700 UTC)


If you have ever had difficulty breaking through a pileup, or if you have ever tried to work a pileup, you will want to join Ron Delpiere-Smith, KD9IPO, for an interesting and enlightening discussion on pileup strategies from both sides of the microphone. Register Now

Online Auction


ARRL Auction Preview

This year’s ARRL Online Auction will run from October 8-14, 2021. Here’s a sneak peek at two of the many items up for bid. The first is Remote Operating from The winning bidder will receive 48 hours of remote operating on Maine Tower 1. The second is an ARRL Lab Mystery Junque Box. The winning bidder will receive a box jam-packed with surprise items from the ARRL Laboratory. Preview Auction

Products & Promotions


Pre-Order Now: Grounding and Bonding for the Radio Amateur, 2nd Edition

This best-selling book by Ward Silver, NØAX, shows you how to make sure your station follows current standards for lightning protection and RF management. The new second edition is available for pre-order now and is shipping in late September. Buy Now


Coming Soon: The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications, 2022 Edition

The ARRL Handbook is your complete guide to radio experimentation, discovery, and innovation. It is written by radio amateurs for everyone with a desire to advance the pursuit of wireless technology. Learn More


Announcement: Extended Hours

We have extended our customer service phone hours to better serve our members. As of August 30, ARRL’s phone lines are open from 8 AM to 7 PM EDT, Monday through Thursday, and 8 AM to 5 PM EDT on Friday. We hope that our members will take advantage of our extended hours.


The Member Services team will be available at 1-860-594-0200 to process address changes, online account support, new memberships, renewals, and publication and product orders.

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Northeast HamXpositionthe ARRL New England Division Convention
Marlborough, Massachusetts | Sep 10-12, 2021
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West Fargo, North Dakota | Sep 25, 2021


Vette City Hamfest, the ARRL Great Lakes Division Convention

Bowling Green, Kentucky | Oct 2, 2021


Pacificon, the ARRL Pacific Division Convention

San Ramon, California | Oct 15-17, 2021


2022 ARRL National Convention at Orlando HamCation®

Orlando, Florida | Feb 10-13, 2022

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