FCC License Fees


According HQ ARRL, the FCC won’t be collecting the $35 license fee until 2022.

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Accessed on 19 August 2021, 0531 UTC.

Content provided by Joseph Speroni  (AH0A), Section Manager, ARRL Pacific Section.


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FCC application fees
The ARRL published a short article confirming FCC plans to defer
collecting the $35 licensing fees until 2022.  Here are the details,

If you have plans for a vanity license, consider applying in 2021!

Technician classes
Steve Kawamae (KH6WG) reports there is still a Technician class planned
in 2021 with a few seats left.  If you know of anyone interested in
getting a license, this may be the last chance in 2021 to save the new
$35 application fee.  Here’s the information about the class,

Amateur license exams
With the Covid-19 situation dragging on, in-person testing opportunities
may be limited.  The hameducation group continues to administer weekly
testing.  Check out the schedule at

CW Education
Alan Maenchen (AD6E/KH6TU) reports his CW Academy September classes are
closed at this point, but anyone can sign up for the next semester which
in Jan/Feb.

If you have had the desire to add CW to your operating skills, consider
signing up for this great course

Hawaii ARES Winlink training
Van Malan (NH7IT) is conducting bi-weekly exercises that help Hawaii
Amateurs develop Winlink Express operating skills with a modest
investment of about an hour per exercise.  Participants have given
Van’s training favorable comments.  If you want to follow the
development of digital Amateur Radio, it is a worthwhile activity!  To
register, contact Van by email –

Digital Nets
As Amateurs acquire digital skills, the ability to operate digital nets
is becoming more important.  Michael Miller (KH6ML) is a trail blazer
operating a one-hour VHF net on 145.070 in the Kailua/Kaneohe north
Honolulu district.  It is a simplex net using VARA FM P2P. If you’re
interested in following this development, he shares NCS operation on
ZOOM (only for Amateurs NOT participating in the net).  Email Michael at to get an invitation.

The Hawaii digital net is following protocols developed in the ARRL LAX
North District.  Use of APRS for on frequency check-ins is not yet used
in Hawaii.  This YouTube video of a recent LAX net is a good overview of
a digital net using tactical  voice, packet/APRS mapping check in and
VARA FM messaging on the same frequency!

ARRL Pacific Section
Section Manager: Joseph Speroni, AH0A

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