ARLD027 DX news


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ARLD027 DX news

DX Bulletin 27  ARLD027
From ARRL Headquarters
Newington CT  July 8, 2021
To all radio amateurs

ARLD027 DX news

This week’s bulletin was made possible with information provided by
The Daily DX, the OPDX Bulletin, 425 DX News, DXNL, Contest Corral
from QST and the ARRL Contest Calendar and WA7BNM web sites.  Thanks
to all.

FRANCE, F.  Michel, F8GGZ operates as TM108TDF around the Tour de
France.  See for an operating schedule.  He is QRV on 80 to
20 meters using CW and SSB.  QSL via F8GGZ (B).

JAPAN, JA.  The Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL) takes part in the
IARU Contest from several regions using the call signs 8N2HQ, 8N3HQ,
8N6HQ, 8N8HQ and 8N9HQ.  QSL via bureau.

BRAZIL, PY.  Brazil’s Liga de Amadores Brasileiros de Radio Emissao
(LABRE) will be joining the IARU Contest as PX2HQ.  QSL via PY2KP.

RUSSIA, RA.  Special event call sign R100KOMI celebrates the 100th
anniversary of the Komi Republic until the end of September.  QSL
via ClubLog OQRS and R1II.

ARUBA, P4.  John, W2GD is active as P44W until July 13.  He will
operate mainly CW and will participate in the IARU HF World
Championship.  QSL via LoTW, or direct to N2MM.

POLAND, SP.  Special event station SN88LOT commemorates the
transatlantic flight of the Lithuanian pilots Steponas Darius and
Stasys Girenas 88 years ago.  After crossing the Atlantic, their
flight ended in a crash near the village of Pszczelnik.  QSL via
SP1PMY (d/B).

GUATEMALA, TG.  Steve, K4IM is in Guatemala City until August 15 and
plans to use his TG9AWS call.  He operates CW, SSB and digital modes
on 40 through 6 meters.  QSL via W3HNK or direct to K4IM.

ALASKA, KL7.  Members of the North Pole Contest Group will be QRV as
W1AW/KL7 until July 13.  Activity will be on all bands and modes
with four stations active.  This includes being a HQ Station entry
in the upcoming IARU HF World Championship.  QSL via W1AW.

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, E7.  E7HQ will be active in the IARU HF
World Championship as the Amateur Radio Association in Bosnia and
Herzegovina (ARABH) headquarters multiplier station.  QSL via LoTW
and E70ARA.

and LA8OM plans to be QRV from Prins Karls Forland (EU-063), from
July 21 to 26.  QSL via M0OXO’s OQRS and LoTW.

INDONESIA, YB.  7A2HQ will be the ORARI HQ station in the IARU HF
World Championship this weekend.  Look for them on CW and SSB on all
six contest bands.  QSL via LoTW.

SPAIN, EA.  ON6ZK will be QRV holiday style as EA7/ON6ZK from San
Juan de Los Terreros from July 15 to 23.  QSL via ON6ZK either
direct or via the bureau.

LUXEMBOURG, LX.  In an effort to promote portable activities in 2021
the Luxembourg Amateur Radio Union (LARU) will activate special call
LX21P during the month of August.  QSL preferably via the bureau.

NEW ZEALAND, ZL.  Jacky, ZL3CW will be operating SOAB CW HP in the
IARU HF World Championship using his special event call sign ZL25NZ.

CHINA, B.  The Chinese college student operator team of BD0DHQ,
BI4MPY, BH5HYB, BG5GDP and BI6LQC are heading to Shengshan Island
for an August 3 to 5 operation.  The BI4MPY/5 team will be active on
40, 20, 17, 15 and 6 meters using CW, SSB and FT8.

ISRAEL, 4X.  Team 4X100AI will participate in the IOTA Contest on
July 24 and 25 from the Achziv Islands (AS-100).  Outside the
contest they will be QRV on FT8 and the QO-100 satellite.  QSL via
LoTW, or direct to 4X6ZM.

REPUBLIC OF KOREA, HL.  DS3BBC and others will be active as D70EXPO
from Pukkyongnyolbi Island (AS-080) on from July 22 to 25.  They
will be QRV on 80 to 6 meters, and will participate in the IOTA
Contest.  QSL via LoTW, or via DS3BBC.

CAPE VERDE, D4.  Paco, EA7KNT will be operating D4SAL from Sal
Island from August 23 to September 5.

Slow Speed Test, SKCC Weekend Sprintathon and QRP ARCI Summer
Homebrew Sprint are on tap for this weekend.  The 4 States QRP Group
Second Sunday Sprint is on July 12.


Hawaii Island Amateur Radio news:

The Big Island Amateur Radio Club will meet this Saturday, 10 July 2021, via the ZOOM conference protocol.  The BIARC Executive Board will meet at 1200 HST, while the general membership meeting will start at 1400 HST.

The 8th Annual Hawaiian Islands Grid Madness Simplex Event is set for Sunday, 19 September 2021, 1300 to 1700 HST.  For more information, please go here:

Aloha es 73 de Russell Roberts (KH6JRM)

Public Information Officer

Hawaii County, ARRL Pacific Section


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