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Now Online! Digital editions of August 2021 QST, July/August 2021 On the AirQEX, and NCJ
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August QST

Using WSJT-X to Graph Radio Frequency Stability
Michael Foerster, WØIH


Operating on the right frequency can be a challenge with the new digital modes like FT4 and FT8. WSJT-X has a mode that helps hams measure frequency drift, so they can properly calibrate their receivers. The author tells you how to use this tool and generate a frequency drift graph that helps you calibrate the radio. Read QST

July/August On the Air

Winlink – Amateur Radio’s Email Network


Winlink is an amateur radio network that provides a wireless email solution for emergency personnel in disaster areas. In situations where communications infrastructure is not working, Winlink is a way hams can bring internet access into a disaster zone, helping agencies like the American Red Cross email important information. The software for using Winlink is free, and any ham can access it with the right equipment. Read On the Air

July/August QEX

A Systematic Design Approach to RF Power Amplifiers
Alan Victor, W4AMV


The author describes a technique that uses free software and simple tools to design non-linear RF power amplifiers that operate in Class C. Read QEX

July/August NCJ

Setting Expectations for QRP Contesting
Jim Smallwood, N7RCS


This longtime QRP contester shares his advice on how to get good results from your QRP contest effort. This includes everything from researching the contest to better understand its rules and rhythms, to learning about free online tools like the Reverse Beacon Network (which helps you understand radio propagation during the event) and logging programs. He even shares other practical tips that every contester needs, such as considerations for rest and nutrition. Read NCJ


Eclectic Tech – Episode 37 – July 1


The mystery of Schumann Resonances, and a discussion about stealth antennas with Grant Connell, WD6CNF. Listen now


On the Air – Episode 19 – July 8


ARRL’s new Learning Center is due to launch later this summer, and Lifelong Learning Manager, Kris Bickell, K1BIC, gives us a preview of what to expect from this new member benefit. Listen now

On the Air Blog

Hunting for Foxes at the University of Michigan


In the May/June 2021 issue of On the Air, Michael wrote about foxhunting’s popularity with the University of Michigan Amateur Radio Club, W8UM. Here, he delves a little deeper into what it takes to put on a foxhunt. Read now

On the Air Monthly Email

Are you new to Amateur Radio or know someone interested in learning more about it? The On the Air Monthly Email was developed to help new hams get on the air and involved with the hobby. Featuring content from the pages of On the Air magazine along with newly produced articles and videos, this free monthly resource is a must for those who value the insight of our On the Air content. Subscribe today and share the link with any new ham that you know.

Education & Learning

Designing Coiled Coax “Ugly” Baluns
July 8 @ 8 p.m. EDT (0000 UTC on July 9)


John Portune, W6NBC, teaches you what a balun does, and gives you the basics on how to design your own coiled coax baluns. Register now

Learning with High-Altitude Balloons
July 22 @ 3:30 p.m. EDT (2030 UTC)


Jack McElroy, KM4ZIA, and Audrey McElroy, KM4BUN, talk about high-altitude balloons, which let people send cameras, transmitters, and other small payloads into a part of the Earth’s atmosphere called “near space.” The presenters will discuss how hams can use these inexpensive, easy-to-launch balloons, including how to use them to get young people interested in ham radio and science. Register now

Products & Promotions

ARRL’s ARES® Collection


ARRL’s learning resources and specialized gear for public service and ARES® volunteers can inform and enhance their response in the event of an emergency. Our ARES® Field Resources Manual is a must-have guide for radio amateurs who are providing emergency services. We’re also offering a new tactical polo shirt, reflective vesthat, and more. These are a great way to show your commitment to Amateur Radio and the ARES program. Order online at


Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES®) volunteers provide emergency communications when disaster strikes. Training for this is key and ARRL offers many free instructional resources. ARRL’s Introduction to Emergency Communication course provides basic knowledge and tools for any emergency communications volunteer and is done online. Hams who want to deepen their knowledge of emergency communications and public service can follow up with other ARRL courses.


ARRL Email Asking Life Members to Verify their Mailing Address


To keep member records up to date, ARRL emailed Life Members on June 16, and will be sending a follow-up in the next few days, asking them to verify their mailing address. Be assured that it is a legitimate request sent from ARRL.


Thank you to all those who responded. If you need to update your address information, call (860) 594-0200, email, or respond to the email you received. If your email client does not recognize the text as a link, you will need to cut and paste it into a web browser to access the verification web page.

Conventions & Events

QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo (online) | Aug 14-15, 2021
Huntsville Hamfestthe ARRL Southeastern Division Convention
Huntsville, Alabama | Aug 21-22, 2021
Northeast HamXpositionthe ARRL New England Division Convention
Marlborough, Massachusetts | Sep 10-12, 2021
RRRA Hamfestthe ARRL Dakota Division Convention
West Fargo, North Dakota | Sep 25, 2021

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