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1. ARC Winlink Thursday for April 8


1a. ARC Winlink Thursday for April 8
From: Jim Sugg <>
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2021 15:28:40 PDT

Clem, our state ARES section leader, has asked that we send out information on the ARC Winlink Thursday training exercise to as many people as possible, and encourage participation. If you are not already familiar with the ARC training exercises, there is more information on the web site They also have a reflector named ARC-EmComm-Training.

Here are specific instructions provided for tomorrow’s exercise. Even if you have participated in these exercises before, be sure to read this carefully, as a few things are a bit different.

As with all of these ARC exercises, p lease send your Winlink message to ARCHI and CC the address when submitting your message.

We would like to remind everyone that April’s Winlink Thursday is built around portable operations. We encourage as many operators as possible to take advantage of Spring’s arrival to assemble a “Go-Kit” and practice sending a Winlink message away from their home shack.  To make it easier for more operators to get out and give it a try, we have extended the window to participate and submit your exercise messages to your divisional clearinghouse. For those completing the exercises in options 1 through 4:


Feel free to submit your traffic any time between Thursday and Saturday,


Remember to CC the address when submitting your message


You can view the results of our mapping efforts at ( ) which is updated in near-real-time as messages are received. This is a good way to verify that your message has been transmitted successfully. You can also see the other stations that have sent a message for the current exercise.

For those using HF to send a Peer-To-Peer message in Option 5, please send your traffic on *Thursday, April*

*8th ONLY* using the following time and frequency schedule (all times are CDT, or UTC – 5 hours). You can not CC a message when using Peer-To-Peer. You will only address your message to the receiving station you have selected from those on the list below:

Monitoring Stations: KB3PCY (Philadelphia) W0LEN (Chicago) K7ARC (Phoenix)

6 AM – 9 AM on 80 meters: 3561.500 CF, 3560.000 DF

9 AM – Noon on 40 meters: 7113.500 CF, 7112.000 DF

Noon – 3 PM on 20 meters: 14121.500 CF, 14120.000 DF

3 PM – 6 PM on 40 meters: 7113.500 CF, 7112.000 DF

Whichever option you select, be sure to observe all local regulations for operating in public and be sure to operate safely.

If you need a copy of the exercise instructions for Winlink Thursday #7, they can be found on the ARC-EmComm-Training website at

If you would like to share a picture of you and/or your station during this exercise, you can email your picture to and include a brief caption describing your station and tell us where and how you were operating.

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