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Saturday, February 20, 2021

  • Hunting For NDBs In CLE265
    WC – 332 White Rock, BC It’s almost CLE time once again! ‘CLE’s are ‘Co-ordinated  Listening Events, and NDB DXers around the  world focus their listening time on one small slice of  the NDB spectrum.    This…
  • ICQ Podcast Episode 344 – Joy of VHF and Above
    In this episode, Martin (M1MRB) is joined by Chris Howard (M0TCH), Martin Rothwell (M0SGL), Ed Durrant (DD5LP), Frank Howell (K4FMH) and Bill Barnes (WC3B) to discuss the latest Amateur / Ham Radio news. Colin (M6BOY) rounds up the news in brief and in…
  • Parks on the air or POTA
    I toddled into the radio room this afternoon and flipped on the radio and most of the time I have my PC on and head over to DX Summit spotting network to see what’s happening on the bands.  I did notice right off the bat the RTTY contest was…
  • LHS Episode #393: DUDE-Star Deep Dive
    Hello and welcome to Episode 393 of Linux in the Ham Shack. In this episode, the hosts interview Doug, AD8DP, the author and primary coder of the DUDE-Star project. This …
  • Lemmings Over a Demographic Cliff?
    Tradition and change are terrible bedfellows A Social Circuits Column It was an honor to have been invited to prepare what turned into a 2-article series in the ARRL’s National Contesting Journal on the aging demographics of hams who participate in the radio “sport” of contesting. These appeared in the July/August (Vol 48, No. 4) […]
  • LHS Episode #394: The Weekender LXVI
    It’s time once again for The Weekender. This is our bi-weekly departure into the world of amateur radio contests, open source conventions, special events, listener challenges, hedonism and just plain …

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