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Accessed on 10 February 2021, 0152 UTC, Post 1870.


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ZD8HZ – Ascension Island

NEWS UPDATE – Many thanks to Tev ZD8HZ on Ascension Island for sending DX-World these pictures:       DECEMBER 17, 2020 – Tev, TA1HZ has announced that he will be working on Ascension Island throughout 2021 and hopes to be QRV as ZD8HZ when time…

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[UPDATE] CY0C – Sable Island

By CY0C team As everyone knows, the planned 2020 DXpedition to Sable Island had to be postponed due to the worldwide Coronavirus. Since that time, we have been in regular contact with Parks Canada and Sable Aviation. There are three issues that we are currently…

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Video – ET3AA by K4ZW

Text provided by the Central Arizona DX Association. Video plays above:  The February, 2021 CADXA program was “ET3AA Ethiopia DXpedition” by Ken Claerboat, K4ZW. Ken was first licensed in 1977 as WD9DEE while attending high school in Cedar Grove, Wisconsin. He later…

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DX-World DXpedition Gallery 2018 (September–December )

This is the final part to the 2018 DX-World DXpedition Gallery which covers September to December. There’s a few familiar DXpeditions shown. We hope you have enjoyed these feature so far and next gallery you see will cover the first few months of 2019. Other galleries…

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8Q7 / RU3AN – Maldives

We suspect he will pick up his official 8Q7 license soon, but look for Sergei RU3AN to be active from Makunudu island, Maldives until February 15, 2021. QRV on HF bands; QSL via buro. Note from Sergei however states: I have collected all the documents for the License…

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DX-World DXpedition Gallery 2019 (April–August)

Another day, another batch of pictures. This time we feature April to August 2019. Images were sent to DX-World for publication, then stored on our database never to be seen again. Until now ! We hope you continue to enjoy all galleries. Previous ones are listed…

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DX-World DXpedition Gallery 2019 (January–March)

So far we have completed DX-World DXpedition Galleries for 2016-2018 and now a start on 2019 has been made. We hope you enjoy this next installment of pictures sent to DX-World mainly during DXpeditions, plus a few other interesting images to refresh your memory !…

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D70EXPO – Pukkyongnyolbi, AS-080

Kim, DS3BBC and some Korean hams will be active from Pukkyongnyolbi Island, AS-080 (Ch’ungch’ong-namdo Province group) as D70EXPO during JULY 22-25, 2021. QRV on 80-6m. They plan to participate in the IOTA Contest during the period. QSL via DS3BBC (LoTW, Club Log)….

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DX-World DXpedition Gallery 2018 (April – August)

Here we have another DX-World Dxpedition gallery featuring images sent to us in 2018. Some you will likely remember, others you probably won’t. We’ll complete this particular year by the end of weekend. Enjoy this next batch! Other galleries below. Total of over 400…

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Credit: DL-SWL Dietmar


Sela Gineta Island, SA-003 (PY0/F)