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The group supporting ZOOM based Amateur Radio Exams have settled into a
weekly testing schedule, Saturdays at 6pm.  They will even make
accommodations for candidates that have personal scheduling problems.
Anyone interested in testing just register online at,

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Amateur Radio Licensing Classes

The same logon leads to ZOOM classes for students interested in
acquiring Technician or General licenses.  Four Technician classes are
planned starting Feb 10, Feb 22, April 12, and September 20.  One
General class begins February 25.

For details click the “Classes” button on

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Winlink Training

Winlink Email Training is being offered by the ARES group.  Here is a
copy of the invitation sent our way by Van Malan (NH7IT)

Aloha Hawaii,

Many of you have probably heard about Winlink email.  This digital means
of sending email over Amateur Radio bands is gaining popularity in the
emergency communication field.  The American Red Cross recognizes
Winlink as an important means of sending messages.


Our ARES leadership would like to extend the opportunity for you to
learn and practice sending Winlink messages.  We plan to have a weekly
practice and learning session starting in January.  I plan to send to
each member that joins a practice assignment that you have a week or
more to complete.

Please send me your call and starting soon I will send to you via
Winlink your weekly assignment.  If you are new to Winlink, ask for help
and I will send you instructions on how to start learning about Winlink
or you can visit

-Van (NH7IT)

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CW Training
Alan Maenchen (AD6E/KH6TU) reminds that he is looking for Hawaii
Amateurs interested in acquiring CW skills.  Alan is a certified
instructor on the CWops program.  Register for a class on,

This is a well-run training program that Alan introduced to Hawaii.  One
of his students, Joe Tabrah (KH6FHI), is now also a certified

Contact Alan at for more information.

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