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News for Saturday 26 December

Foundations of Amateur Radio
Testing a link, on a band, at a time
The other day I wanted to know what kind of communication was possible between my station and the station of a friend of mine. We want to do some experiments and for that to be possible, we need to have a reliable communication channel

Free Yagi and an interview with MFJ’s Martin Jue
A channel update this week and the offer of a 9el 144MHz LFA Yagi to be shipped globally for free

Mauritius: MIR-SAT1 to launch in 2021
The first CubeSat from Mauritius, MIR-SAT1, carries an amateur radio digipeater and is expected to launch to the ISS in February for deployment in May/June

ARRL Kids Day
The ARRL Kids Day is a phone event on Saturday 2 January

December RAE results
The SARL report that all ICASA licenses, HAREC and HF certificates, including the welcoming letter, have been e-mailed to each candidate who has fulfilled all the requirements

SpaceAusScope team listen to the galaxy
Australia has always had a reputation for astronomy. It is a great site low in the Southern hemisphere and there are lots of sparsely inhabited areas free from light and radio interference

1st EUDX Contest 2021
Francesco, IK6QON, announced that that the European DX Contest Club has the honor to present the first European Union DX Contest (“EUDX CONTEST”).

Christmas Day special is now out!
Steve Richards G4HPE
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News for Friday 25 December

Wishing all of our readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Switzerland: Effect of the new Telecommunications Act
Swiss national society USKA reports the new Telecommunications Act (FMG) will result in the cancellation of amateur licences and a move to a “licence exempt” style system, similar to that for wireless microphones etc

VK6WIA NewsWest
In NewsWest for Sunday 27th December 2020, we’re acknowledging those who are new to the hobby, or have recently upgraded their license.

Russian special event
Members of the Miller DX Club will activate the several special event stations to celebrate the “International Radio Marathon Russian New Year
– 2021” between December 25th, 2020, and January 14th, 2021

IOTA News from the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club
Weekly IOTA News – compiled by Andreas, DK5ON of the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club

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