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The ARRL Current – December


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NOW ONLINE! Digital editions of January 2021 QST, Nov/Dec 2020 OTAQEX, and NCJ
January QST
Nov/Dec OTA
Nov/Dec QEX
Nov/Dec NCJ
January QST
CW-ELMER — An Advanced Morse Code Learning System
Sharpen your Morse code timing and character keying skills.
David A. Duncan, K7DUN
The current study of Morse code emphasizes recognizing the sound and rhythm of the code rather than memorizing charts of dots and dashes. This develops an ear for not just the letters but entire words and phrases at a time, much as one learns a new spoken language. Many current Morse teaching aids lack a means to monitor keying techniques, those hidden elements buried within the code that make one proficient. To address this deficiency, I introduce the CW-ELMER, a smart code practice oscillator (CPO) that evaluates your keying, with practice for copying code messages, as well as practice exercises to sharpen timing skills.
Take a walk down memory lane and enjoy some of our favorite holiday QST covers from years past.
November/December On the Air
SKYWARN® Storm Spotter Class: The First Step in Helping the NWS
Rick Palm, K1CE
Radio amateurs are in a special position to provide what the National Weather Service (NWS) Weather Forecast Office (WFO) needs the most for their warning products: real-time spotter observations of severe weather (known as ground truths) to correlate with their Doppler radar and balloon telemetry data. Hams offer a means of communication that allows us to report information, and to receive requests for more information. If you’re interested in helping to report weather ground truths, consider taking a SKYWARN storm spotter training class.
November/December QEX
UHF Quadrature Coupled Power Amplifier
Quadrature coupling of power amplifiers provides a level of redundancy in case of component failure.
Al Yerger, K2ATY
I wanted to increase the power output of my DMR repeater from its current 20 W to something in the area of 80 to 100 W. I had previously run the repeater at about 40 W. It ran well for over a year then the final amplifier failed as they are known to do. Amateur radio repeaters can have a very high duty cycle especially on DMR where you may be hosting several talk groups. Most amplifiers in the 100 W category are not designed for repeater service and would eventually fail.
November/December NCJ
An In-Depth Look at the K5ND VHF Rover Setup — Part 2
Jim Wilson, K5ND
NCJ has run some great articles recently on the subject of VHF Contesting. My own contributions have been, “K5ND’s VHF Limited Rover Experience,” in the January/February 2020 issue followed by “Magic Band, Magic Contesting” in the May/June 2020 issue. If you’ve followed the story so far, you’ll already know the major tenets for VHF roving. The key principle, articulated by Greg Jurrens, K5GJ, in his 2019 NCJ series of rover articles is: The fine art of stuffing every piece of VHF and microwave gear you own into and onto your vehicle, and then driving hundreds or thousands of miles, all the while contacting the same people over and over again.
Member Spotlight
Meet Learning Network Presenter, Brian Betz

Presenter of “Getting Started with Summits on the Air”
and “Your First SOTA Activation ”

Brian Betz, W7JET, joined ARRL in 1989 after obtaining his Novice amateur radio license while attending an after-school  program at his high school that same year—making his first contacts via a Kenwood TS-440s and a G5RV on the roof of the school. The thrill of making contacts and building an antenna and a power supply led to ham radio being a lifelong hobby.
In 2012, he was introduced to SOTA by accident after hiking Brown’s Peak, the northernmost and tallest peak (7,659 feet), of the Four Peaks mountain range, in Phoenix, AZ. Armed with only his handheld, he set up to make some contacts and soon discovered he was making the first-ever activation on the Peak. From that moment on, he was hooked, tallying more than 3,000  QRP CW contacts  and activating 216 summits in 4 countries and 18 states.

Brian describes SOTA as the perfect blend of his love of radio and hiking. “There’s a sense of adventure, exploration, and a feeling  of accomplishment when you reach the peak of a remote mountain top few have visited. Combined with the excitement of making HF contacts all over North America with only the gear you hauled on your back.”

Despite his many activations, Brian still has summits on his bucket list. “I have a peak I can see from my home, about 20 miles northeast, called Buckhorn Mountain. As of now, it has not been activated by anyone. It is 8 miles round trip of off-trail bushwhacking and rock hopping. I plan on tackling this one with my friend Charlie, NJ7V, in the spring. It will likely take all day, but the accomplishment will be worth it.”

Introducing the 2021 ARRL Field Day Logo
The 2021 Field Day logo has been finalized, and a limited line of Field Day items will go on sale this weekend. We are still developing other products that will be available in early 2021. Your feedback is needed regarding what types of promotional items you’d like to see and what color the official FD21 t-shirt should be. Take our Field Day Product Survey today, and you could win one of 3 long-sleeve t-shirts we will be giving away on December 15.
Recommended Read
“Amateur Radio and the American Radio (Relay) League
ARRL is pleased to recognize Life Member Grace Burchard, KB1GAC, for her feature article in Connecticut Explored magazine’s Winter 2020-2021 issue. Grace’s article, “Amateur Radio and the American Radio (Relay) League” is a wonderful chronicle that includes a history of the pioneering days of amateur radio and founding of our ARRL. She also included many references to help welcome others to explore today’s ham radio activities. ARRL members can use this link to read the article (Password = W1AW), or purchase a print copy for $3 (covers postage and handling).
What’s the Buzz
Eclectic Tech, Episode 22 – December 3
Learn how companies are experimenting with gravity to generate electricity, followed by a discussion with host Steve Ford, WB8IMY, and ARRL Assistant Laboratory Manager Bob Allison, WB1GCM, on comparing modern transceivers to vintage transceivers.
Featured Product/Publication
New Releases for the Holiday!
ARRL has great gift ideas for every ham on your list.

Antenna Physics: An Introduction, 2nd Edition
World-recognized antenna technology expert Robert J. Zavrel, Jr., W7SX, is your guide to grasping a deeper understanding of how antenna systems function.

The 2021 ARRL Handbook
Everything you need to know about selecting, building, and maintaining a ham radio station with new projects and up to date information on transverters, the latest digital modes, antenna tuner troubleshooting techniques and more. A must for every ham! Available in softcover and six-volume book set.

Microcontroller Projects for Amateur Radio
Provides all the introduction you need to build projects such as a programmable power supply, a signal generator, a DSP mic processor, CW Messenger and more! It makes a great gift for the hands-on ham!

Plus, make sure to check out other great booksgifts, and stocking stuffers as gifts for your favorite ham!

‘Tis the Season for Giving – Please Consider a Year-End Gift!
Because of the support and involvement of people like you, ARRL has weathered this challenging year.  This year, your support has helped launch On the Air magazine, the Learning Networkfund advocacy, and many other initiatives.
As you make your end-of-year giving plans, please consider a tax-deductible donation to ARRL to support a vibrant and robust amateur radio community!

With your donation of $75 or more made by December 31, 2020, we will send you a pair of exclusively designed ARRL face masks, available only to our donors!

Donate online today, or call 860-594-0291.

Get Social with ARRL
ARRL Holiday Drinkware photo contest!

Over the years, ARRL has offered many cups, mugs, tumblers, and thermoses featuring the ARRL Diamond. This holiday season, we invite our members to share a cup of cheer with us! Comment with a photo of your favorite drinkware item from ARRL for the chance to win our new Campfire Mug — your choice of red or green.

Contest runs December 9 through December 15.

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