AmateurLogic 149:  Another Friday the 13th special program.

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ews for Sunday 15 November

AmateurLogic 149: Another Friday The 13th
Tommy sends pictures over the radio. Mike discusses the new M17 digital radio protocol project. Jeffery Kopcak, K8JTK joins in with a background look at the K8JTK Hub Digital Multimode Interlink System we use each Tuesday night for the AmateurLogic Soundcheck Net. AllStar Link, EchoLink, DMR, D-STAR, NXDN, P25, and Yaesu System Fusion are linked together for the ultimate multimode conferencing experience

HAMNET upgrades to 802.11ac
Switzerland’s USKA reports the HB9ZG section in Zug is the first HAMNET group in Switzerland to upgrade its infrastructure to the new IEEE 802.11ac standard

RSGB release Board Proceedings for October 1
The RSGB has released proceedings for the October 1 Board meeting which discussed the need for a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System to be in place by the end of March 2021

Presentation on a pioneering radio amateur
Colonel Meade James Crosbie Dennis C.B. first became interested in wireless transmission in 1898 and held the amateur radio callsigns DNX, GW11B and EI2B

Maunsell Sea Forts on tv
Margaret Flo McEwan writes: I’ve been working with ITV this week on the technical voiceover information for Paul O’Grady’s Great British Escape

Coming soon: A total solar eclipse
One month from today, on Dec. 14th, the new Moon will pass in front of the sun, producing a total solar eclipse over Argentina and Chile

Update on temporary Covid-19 Restricted Service Licences
Ofcom has published an update on temporary Covid-19 restricted service licences (‘RSLs’)

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