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News for Sunday 23 August

Bletchley Park Trust to undergo organisational restructure
The Bletchley Park Trust has announced that following the coronavirus pandemic it is to restructure, up to a third of staff could go

NZART AGM and AREC Annual Meeting
It is planned they are still going ahead with plans to hold meetings at Wellington over the 4/5/6 September 2020.

QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo
Why were our bands a little quiet the second weekend in August?
Well it would appear the QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo over the August 8-9 weekend appears to have been an unmitigated success, so much so that another virtual event will be held next March

YOTA online session
Are you ready for our upcoming YOTA online session already? Set your alarms for 18:00 UTC (20:00 CAT) on Thursday 27 August 2020

Arecibo Observatory damaged
The WIA report that an auxiliary cable that helps to support a metal platform above the Arecibo Observatory radio telescope’s reflector dish in Puerto Rico snapped in the early morning hours of August 10, causing a 100-foot gash in the reflector dish.

Propagation Report from Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP
Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP, reports that the solar activity is expected to remain at low levels.


News for Saturday 22 August

Foundations of Amateur Radio
After channlleing your RTTY …
It’s the morning after the day before. I’ve been calling CQ for 24 hours and for the first time in my life after a contest I still have my voice. That in and of itself is novel. I also don’t have ringing ears, that’s a blessing. I have learnt heaps and had fun doing it. I made contacts and I heard stations across the globe and I did it all from the comfort of my shack chair

100% success rate to date
100% success rate for the UK Intermediate Exam (at the time of writing) why not sign up for your UK Intermediate Licence Studies?

WWROF news (Board of Director changes)
The World Wide Radio Operators Foundation, Inc. (WWROF) is pleased to announce the election of Philipp Springer, DK6SP, to its board of directors, effective immediately

VK6WIA NewsWest
NewsWest for Sunday 23rd August 2020 is the Amateur Radio history edition, including a claim by Western Australia at being in the forefront of the very early days of radio experimentation

There’s news from the Australian Maritime College about temporary changes to callsign processing times

New draft Canadian 144 MHz Band Plan
Canada’s national amateur radio society the RAC has released a new draft 144 MHz band plan

Steve Wright presentation
Steve Wright EI5DD gave a presentation on the Galway Digital Radio Network via Zoom on 27-July-2020

Mars outshines Sirius, the brightest star in the sky
 is approaching Earth for one of its best apparitions since 2003. Earlier this week, the Red Planet crossed an important threshold. It is now brighter than Sirius, the brightest star in the sky

Hawaii Island Amateur/Ham Radio News:

Doug Wilson (KH7DQ) will begin his next virtual Technician License Class on 01 September 2020.  For details, please go here:

All radio amateurs are encouraged to participate in the Sunday, 20 September 2020, Hawaiian Islands, Grid Madness Simplex Event.  The event, sponsored by the Aulani Hui Amateur Repeater Club, runs from 1300 to 1700 HST.  For details, please go here:

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