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Saturday, August 22, 2020

  • AmateurLogic 146: Hot August Night
    AmateurLogic.TV Episode 146 is now available for download. Tommy builds an edge lit callsign display. Mike gets started with the Grove Beginners Kit for Arduino. Emile finds the ultimate dashboard monitor display for Raspberry Pi. Terry, 2E0IPK joins us to show how he uses his Buddi Stick. Announcing the AmateurLogic.TV 15th Anniversary Contest. This perfect … Continue reading AmateurLogic 146: Hot August Night
  • Weekly Propagation Summary – 2020 Aug 17 16:10 UTC
    Here is this week’s space weather and geophysical report, issued 2020 Aug 17 0158 UTC. Highlights of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity 10 – 16 August 2020 Solar activity was at very low levels on 10-14 and 16 Aug. Low levels were observed on 15 Aug due to a C2 flare from Region 2770 (N23, L=24, […]
  • LHS Episode #362: Pi-Star Deep Dive Part 2
    Welcome to Episode 362 of Linux in the Ham Shack. In this episode, the hosts have a second in-depth talk with Andy Taylor, MW0MWZ, the author and maintainer of the Pi-Star project. Pi-Star is a Linux operating system and application suite for single-board computers which creates a hotspot for digital VHF and UHF operation. […]

  • Software-Defined Radio: Try Before You Buy? You Might Like It!
    Sure! You don’t need to have a software-defined radio (SDR) before you start learning how to use the technology; there are a few different paths you can take, exploring and learning about SDR. One way to gain some experience with SDR without spending a dime is to install a free software package for the very popular, […]

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