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The next ZOOM session is set for Thursday, 20 August 2020, 1500 HST.

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For those following developments in Amateur Radio digital
communications, you may be interested in a ZOOM session coming up on
Thursday August 20th at 15:00 HST.

At the invitation of the ARRL Section Managers, Jose Alberto Nieto Ros
(EA5HVK) is giving an overview of his most recent software modem, VARA
HF 4.0,  supported by Winlink. Many Hawaii hams have had the opportunity
to use it since its release at the end of June.  The dramatic
improvements in speed and session reliability are awe inspiring.  Many
claim it approaches the speed of expensive PACTOR modems.  He will have
data on real world tests.

Earlier this year Jose released VARA FM, a very high-speed modem, for
use on VHF and UHF.

This fifth Winlink workshop, hosted by the ARRL Section Managers, is
going to be well attended and will almost certainly exceed the ZOOM
maximum of 500 attendees.  If you are interested, show up early.

Here is a link to information about how to join the session. Workshop WK5.pdf

ARRL Pacific Section
Section Manager: Joseph Speroni, AH0A

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