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NOW ONLINE! Digital editions of September 2020 QST, July/Aug 2020 OTAQEX, and NCJ
September QST
July/August OTA
July/August QEX
July/August NCJ
 September QST
Antenna Mast for Portable Operators
by Zach Thompson, KM4BLG
This portable mast uses your trekking poles and won’t break your budget or your back. With a large portion of hams living in antenna-restricted areas, and with amateur radio equipment becoming more compact and lightweight, many hams are turning to portable operation. What portable operation looks like for you can vary based on your needs, objectives, and budget.
Reminder: The print edition of the September QST magazine contains an error in the Table of Contents for pages 96 & 97. The digital edition has been updated with the correct information and the missing columns will appear in the October print issue.
July/August On the Air
It’s About Time
Of all the things you thought you’d have to learn about amateur radio, you probably didn’t consider time. But what’s to learn? Don’t we all tell time the same way? Well… yes and no. Most people are accustomed to using 12-hour time. Our day is divided into two halves, each 12 hours in length – midnight to noon, and noon to midnight.
If you’re meeting a friend for dinner, you’d tell her that you will arrive at the restaurant at 6 o’clock. The context makes it clear that you mean 6 o’clock in the evening, but you could clarify by adding “PM.” Or you could chuck 12-hour time and do what comes naturally for soldiers, pilots, scientists, police, and the populations of entire countries.
July/August QEX
Crest Factor of Sinusoidal Electromagnetic Fields
by Steve Stearns, K6OIK
We know from amateur radio license exams that for sinusoidal voltages and currents the ratio of peak-to-rms value is the square root of two. This ratio is ingrained into our intuitions about sinusoidal waveforms, whether they be voltages, currents, or anything else. The ratio of peak instantaneous to rms value of a periodic waveform is called its “crest factor.”
Crest factor is an important parameter in the design of amplifiers and communication modulations. Amplifiers must accommodate a modulation’s crest factor without distortion. Hence amplifier designs strive to accommodate high crest factor, while modulation designs strive for low crest factor.
July/August NCJ
¡Viva Bijagua! Our Week at TI7W for the ARRL DX CW
by Lee Finkel, KY7M
In the usual discussions about where to go next, John, G4IRN, had been talking with his friend Mark, MØDXR, about Kam’s station in Costa Rica. Mark had operated there several times and said it was an excellent station and Kam an excellent host. John followed up with an email to Kam in October 2018 about operating at the station in a future CQ WW CW, but at the time, Kam explained, his station was regularly occupied by Chris, KL9A, or Nate, N4YDU, for the major CW contests. Last fall, however, Kam notified John that his station would be available for the 2020 ARRL International DX CW, so John immediately placed his reservation.
On the Air Blog
A Ham Pilot Encourages Making Amateur Radio Your Own
ARRL Life Member TJ Johnson, K9KJ, likes building antennas, Morse code, and even mobile operating from his airplane. “What do you do with ham radio?” he says. “You can make it whatever you want it to be.”
What’s the Buzz
Eclectic Tech podcast  July 30th episode

In Episode 13, host Steve Ford, WB8IMY, discusses Hellschreiber, an old quasi-digital mode that is seeing a resurgence today. Also, discover how researchers are attempting to perfect wireless power transfer to moving objects, and catch the discussion of the current status of ALE — Automatic Link Establishment.

On the Air podcast – August 13th episode

In Episode 8, brothers Andy Milluzzi, KK4LWR, and Tony Milluzzi, KD8RTT, talk to guest host Steve Ford, WB8IMY, about why collegiate radio clubs are important to ham radio, and what resources exist to help them thrive, including ARRL’s Collegiate Amateur Radio Initiative (CARI). Episode Available Soon!

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by Korey Chandler Sr., WA5RR
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