MK VOAD Repeater will be turned on Saturday


According to Kevin Brogan (AH6QO), the Comms Working Group Chair, the Maunakea VOAD repeater will be turned on until the emergency proclamation ends.

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Content supplied by Kevin Bogan (AH6QO).

Accessed on 25 July 2020, 0423 UTC, Post 1556.

Source (email message from Kevin Bogan):

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The Hawaii VOAD Maunakea 146.720- MHz repeater (PL100.0) will be turned on tomorrow, Saturday, noon, 7/25/20 and shut down when the Emergency Proclamation expires or the need for the repeater for emergency communications ceases.
It will be used for emergency communications only which is to include those communications necessary to fulfill this mission such as radio checks, logistics coordination of relief operations and the like. Please, no social conversations
Please keep a record of its use. I am required to provide a log of its use to IfA. Blocks of time transmitting are acceptable rather than each transmission.  Our transmissions affect the observatory operations.
Support of shelter operations is encouraged.  The MK repeater coverage allows shelter and other relief operations in various areas easy coordination of deliveries, pick ups, requests and collaboration.
This information will be updated as needed.
Kevin Bogan, AH6QO
Comms Working Group Chair

Hawaii Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster
Cell: 808.778.4697
Other: (720) 235-8172


On Thu, Jul 23, 2020 at 5:43 PM Kevin Bogan <> wrote:
To: MKSS,OMKM, IfA, HiCoARES, Big Island, KHRC,  DECs, BIARC, BigIslandRADIO,, bigislandarrlnews, others
Please review the attached Emergency Proclamation signed by Governor Ige for the State of Hawaii that is in effect today.
I will turn on the Hawaii VOAD Maunakea repeater, possibly on Saturday at noon, July 25,2020, in time for testing and confirming availability and coverage and pre-landfall support.
The Maunakea repeater is for Emergency Communications only and the limited necessary testing to ensure the repeater is functioning properly. Please do not conduct social chatting on the repeater.
If there are plans for teams to provide logistical support for relief efforts prior to the arrival of storm force winds from Hurricane Douglas that need the coverage that the MK repeater provides, please let me know. I believe noon on Saturday, July 25, 2020 should provide enough time for the pre-landfall comms support.
Please remember that our transmissions have an impact on MK observatory operations.
Kevin Bogan, AH6QO
Hawaii VOAD Comms Working Group Chair

Hawaii Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster
Cell: 808.778.4697
Other: (720) 235-8172
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Hawaii County, ARRL Pacific Section
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