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NOW ONLINE! Digital editions of August 2020 QST, July/Aug 2020 OTAQEX, and NCJ
August QST
July/August OTA
July/August QEX
July/August NCJ
August 2020
Bicycle Mobile on the HF Bands
An easy way to implement a mobile radio system, for the operator on two wheels.
by Christian Bravo, W4ALF
After experimenting with pedestrian mobile and being active with Summits on the Air (SOTA), I was looking for a new amateur radio challenge. My experiences with portable ham gear led me to the idea of adapting my mobile setup to fit on my bicycle. The two-wheel setup would allow me to be even more mobile, and still be able to communicate on the HF bands.
July/August OTA
Shopping for Coaxial Cable
Feed lines, also called transmission lines, transport radio frequency (RF) energy from your transceiver to your antenna. Without a feed line, your signal is going nowhere. Here’s a closer look at coax, the type of feed line you’re most likely to encounter, with an eye toward how to determine what cable to buy for your station.
July/August QEX
Simple and Inexpensive Auto-Calibrating Multifunction Project
by Gene Marcus, W3PM
This simple project includes a two-channel VFO, WSPR source, frequency counter, and a clock. This menu-driven multifunction project includes a band switched two channel 110 kHz to 112.5 MHz VFO, band switched 6 m to 2200 m WSPR source, a 0 to 6.5 MHz frequency counter, and a clock that displays time, date, and temperature. Frequency and time accuracy are maintained by a highly accurate temperature compensated DS3231 real time clock (RTC) board.

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