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News for Sunday 21 June

Central Coast Amateur Radio Club 21st June 2020
As mentioned last week, Central Coast Amateur Radio Club members have been working to preparing the club rooms, and we are excited to announce the club will be re-opening its doors on Saturday the 4th of July from 10:30am, with a BBQ from around 11:30. The club will also be holding its first face to face general business meeting, starting at 1pm

Irish EI1KNH VHF beacon on 60 MHz now uses FT8
Tim, EI4GNB reports that the new configuration for the EI1KNH 5-metre beacon is FT8 – CW – Carrier, with FT8 being in the first period of every minute. There are no breaks, just 60 phases an hour non-stop. This should make it easier for people to listen for it as there is a huge user base running the FT8 and WSJT-X software

The Space Weather Woman
The Sun’s Ring of Fire Eclipse and Sundiving Comets – The latest space weather forecast from Dr Tamitha Skov WX6SWW

CAS-6 antenna deployed, transponder activated
The CAMSAT CAS-6 satellite was launched December 20, 2019. Alan Kung BA1DU reports the V/UHF antenna was deployed on Saturday, June 20, and the linear transponder activated 

HAM RADIOnline event June 26-29
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s HAM RADIO in Friedrichshafen had to be cancelled as so many other events world wide but there will be a HAM RADIOnline event instead

Propagation Report from Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP
Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP, reports that the solar activity is expected to remain at low levels


-News for Saturday 20 June

Foundations of Amateur Radio
If you WSPR and nobody hears you …

The day came to pass when all my set-up and configuration was going to culminate in the moment of truth when I enabled TX on my WSPR mode station. Before I tell you of my experience, I should give you a little bit of background

Pat Herbert, curator of the Hurdy Gurdy Museum of Vintage Radio – SK
It is with great sadness that we report the death last Thursday of Pat Herbert, the curator of the Hurdy Gurdy Museum of Vintage Radio in Howth, Ireland. Pat will be greatly missed

Amateur radio features in webinar for healthcare professionals
The RSGB and NHS ‘Get on the air to care’ #GOTA2C campaign was the focus of a webinar for healthcare professionals on Monday, June 15

UK Amateur Radio Foundation Revision Guide
Essex Ham have released a revision guide video for those studying for the amateur radio Foundation licence in the UK

RSGB Convention to be an Online Event
In response to the UK’s continuing social distancing regulations, the RSGB Convention Committee has changed the arrangements for the RSGB Convention

Amateur radio operators adapt to COVID-19 crisis
Field Day (June 27-28) is a combination emergency-preparedness exercise, public relations event, and club picnic. The Daily Herald reports how radio amateurs have adapted it in response to Coronavirus

Solar eclipse this weekend
The sun is about to turn into a ‘ring of fire.’
On June 21st, the Moon will pass directly in front of the sun, producing an annular solar eclipse over Earth’s eastern hemisphere.

K6KPH unable to handle June 20 West Coast Qualifying Run or Field Day transmissions for West Coast
Because of the National Park Service national park shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, K6KPH – the Maritime Radio Historical Society (MRHS) amateur station in California – will not be able to transmit the scheduled June 20 West Coast Qualifying Run or any Field Day bulleting transmissions for west coast listeners over the June 27-28 weekend

VK6WIA NewsWest
NewsWest for Sunday 21st June 2020 is the Club Focus edition where we’ve provided clubs with the space to promote their club’s activities and achievements

In local news we congratulate a local Amateur for being awarded a gong in the recent Queen’s Birthday honours list

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