Here’s a special message from ARRL Pacific Section Manager Joseph Speroni (AH0A).  In his post, Joe outlines some outstanding Amateur/Ham Radio education opportunities through the ZOOM communications protocol.

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Our Covid staycation drags on.  There is some upside to having more free
time – using Amateur Radio to reach out to our radio friends and
learning about new aspects of our radio service.  We all are being
exposed to use of Internet as a substitute for frequent meetings.  I
miss the coffee and the side meetings though.

ZOOM is everywhere now.  It really adds to group contact.  The ZOOM club
meetings I’ve attended have maybe more attendees that the ones I drive

And there are opportunities to learn new skills using contacts with
Hawaii “Elmers” that work one-on-one with students.  The purpose of
this email is to take note of these Hawaii Internet based activities
available to all.

– ——————————

Steve Kawamae (KH6WG) has announced a ZOOM Technician class course
beginning in July 2020.  It’s attracting interest from a group in
Molokai, showing there is a need for education for some of the remote
areas in Hawaii.  Steve still has room for a few more students, so pass
the word along.  Details are at, Flyer July 2020.pdf

– ——————————

Graduates from the class will need an opportunity to take the exam.
ZOOM video testing arrived in Hawaii just in time to fill that need.  A
group of VEs have volunteered their time to learn the new way of
administering exams.  The list has 13 VEs from all over the planet –
NH7IT, W1IO, WH6GS.  That includes W1IO who participates from Okinawa
and KI6LNB from California!  So far 77 candidates have been handled by
the Hawaii team in April and May.  Several from Maui and the Big Island
have successfully taken the exam. Interested? Register at

– ——————————

There is a growing team of Hawaii Amateurs teaching CW.  Here’s a note
from Joe (KH6FHI) on “Hawaii’s contribution to CW Academy”.

The CW Academy ( has for several years
offered zoom based classes for those all over the world wishing to learn
cw.  The courses run 8 weeks per session and there are 3 sessions per
year.  Course levels offered are “Beginner”, “Basic”,
“Intermediate”, and “Advanced”.

Four Hawaii amateurs are actively engaged in support of the CW Academy

Alan, KH6TU (AD6E) teaches a Beginners level course next session.
Having him as an instructor makes it more convenient for Hawaii’s
amateurs to participate in the evenings rather than at a time convenient
to the West Coast.

Joe, KH6FHI, who began in one of Alan’s Beginner courses, now leads
Intermediate and Advanced practice sessions on ZOOM every Thursday
afternoon between 15:00 and 18:00 HST.  Speeds in the intermediate
session are around 16 WPM while the advanced session runs at about 20
wpm.  Feel free to contact Joe ( if you would like to
participate in these practice sessions.

Stan, KH6KO, or Lloyd, KH6LC, can be found on Mondays and Thursdays,
between 19:00 and 20:00 HST (and often later), on 40 meters (7035 to
7045) calling “CQ CWA”.  This gives CW Academy students the
opportunity to make contacts and practice.  Both Stan and Lloyd will
adjust their speed to that of the student.  It is a great opportunity to
make QSO’s.

– ——————————

This growing list of Hawaii education activities is summarized at,

Take a look.  You may find something of interest. More is on the way!
If you have a particular skill and time to teach us, why not organize
the information and try to develop a course for statewide use. Others
may join you to help build a following.

ARRL Pacific Section
Section Manager: Joseph Speroni, AH0A

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