In the year 2020, many radio amateurs will be operating from their homes because of the coronavirus. HQ ARRL has produced a video to help those isolated at home to enjoy the full benefits of an ARRL Field Day without rising exposure to COVID-19.

The video contains an interesting mix of information and help from members of the Sangamon Valley Radio Club in Springfield, Illinois.  J. Mitch Hopper (K9ZXO) hosts this informative and uplifting video.  I’ve operated class 1-D for many years because of work requirements. You can still enjoy the ARRL Field Day by going “portable” at home.  Pitch a tent, string up a simple dipole antenna, roll out some solar panels, and fire up the barbeque.  Adventure awaits!

Here are some additional comments about the video:

“The coronavirus can’t stop amateur radio from doing what we do best!” — Mitch Hopper, K9ZXO ARRL Field Day 2020 is June 27-28. Field Day is amateur radio’s largest annual event and a demonstration of the versatility and reliability of ham radio operators, their radio technology skill, and their communication capabilities. In this video you’ll find answer to these questions: * What is ARRL Field Day? * How are radio amateurs and radio clubs going to adapt their participation for COVID-19? * What are the different station operating classes for Field Day? This video was was produced by ARRL member J Mitch Hopper, K9ZXO for the Sangamon Valley Radio Club, Springfield, Illinois. We liked it so much, we’re sharing it with YOU! For more information about ARRL, ARRL Field Day, and amateur radio, please visit these web pages: #ARRL #ARRLFD #hamradio #amateurradio

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