Thanks to Joseph Speroni (AH0A), the ARRL Pacific Section Manager, for this information on Amateur Radio testing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source (email from Joseph Speroni -AH0A):

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Accessed on 01 May 2020, 1425 UTC, Post 1421.

“Aloha all,

During April, a team of Oahu EARC Volunteer Examiners (VEs) has been
administering Amateur licenses exams  using the ZOOM meeting software.
It started slowly,  one candidate at a time.  Feedback from each session
has improved the process to the point that a six-candidate session was
held yesterday.

A little less than twenty sessions have been held for 32 candidates –
four from Okinawa, eight on Oahu, two on Maui and two on the Big Island,
plus a number on the mainland.  The team that started with just three
Volunteer Examiners (VEs) has grown to ten.  VEs in CA and GA, on Maui
and Okinawa have helped Hawaii candidates get licensed.

We all hope to have classroom test sessions back soon.  In the meantime,
Hawaii (and Pacific area) candidates have the opportunity to test with
the EARC VE group.  Pass the word that candidates can register for a
ZOOM based test session at,

ARRL Pacific Section
Section Manager: Joseph Speroni, AH0A”

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