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Top Story:  A report from Joseph Speroni (AH0A), The ARRL Pacific Section Manager, about the ARRL Planning Committee.

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Accessed on 13 April 2020, 1510 UTC, Post 1395.

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The ARRL has been hard at work looking at the sharing requirements of
our different HF Amateur Radio communities – CW, SSB, narrow band
digital like FT8, wideband digital like FLDIGI and Winlink, digital
phone, SSTV and many others.  It is not an easy job; consensus when the
digital technologies are evolving so fast, is difficult.

Hawaii has a unique issue with phone and wide band digital on our
7075-7100 segment, and a desire to acquire a similar segment on 80
meters for interisland communications.  Many others have requirements
the ARRL Band Planning Committee had to address when they released their
Feb 11th, 2020 plan seeking members feedback.

The ARRL Section Managers (there are 71 sections in the 50 states and US
territories) have been meeting weekly on ZOOM to discuss topics of
common interest.  Band planning came up and the group was fortunate to
have one of the members of the band planning committee, Mike Ritz (W7VO)
and coincidentally the ARRL North Western Division Director, step
forward to give a presentation on the subject to the Section Managers.
He reviewed the pending petitions that will affect HF for US Amateurs,
the issues facing many stake holders, and the recommendations of the
committee.  His talk is well organized with charts and background of the
trade-offs that were involved in making a recommendation to the ARRL
It is about 50 minutes long and well worth the time to get updated with
the issues related to band planning.  Share it with others who may be

BTW, Mike is an avid contester and DXer.  You will hear him on HF often.
Give him a shout and if you liked his presentation, thank him for taking
the time to produce this talk!”

ARRL Pacific Section
Section Manager: Joseph Speroni, AH0A

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