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Top Story:  A few ideas for the ARRL Field Day.

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Leslie Hittner via BIARC biarc@mailman.qth.net

Apr 11, 2020, 4:54 PM (12 hours ago)
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Here are some more Field Day ideas – and the ARRL just may adoipt one of them.


From: Seaquist, Robert
Sent: Saturday, April 11, 2020 15:38
To: Winona Amateur Radio Club Member List
Subject: [WARC] Field Day idea

This is from a fellow contester and an idea for Field Day to toss around:

Field Day, Well, what will happen with Field Day is still up in the air, pun intended. With this Virus thing still going strong, unless the Virus level drops, and drops extremely faster than it rose, it is getting more and more looking doubtful, that most traditional type of Field Day activities will be allowed to happen.

In several of the Contesting discussion groups, forums, E-Mail lists, etc. Even the ARRL’s contesting group, there has been talk about being adaptive. Being able to change with the change of the situation.

One change that is being Discussed very heavily is the creation of two new classes. “V” & “X” “V” for Virus, “X” for,,,,? not sure.?  “V” & “X” would be like the lovechild if classes “A”, “B”, “D”, & “E” got together.

The easiest way to describe how “X” & “V” would work is to think of this.

Right now a Traditional Class say 5A at the park would happen. We have 5 stations set up at the park. Of course all running with the one club call,,  duh?


All stations are networked together via their WI-Fi signals. So each station knows who is on what band and of course for duping, so once a station is contacted on a certain mode it doesn’t get worked again by a different station.

And all is simple with the networking, The amazing gang at N1MM+ made it soo simple that even the brain dead when it comes to networks like me can do it. I mean to have a station be a part of the network is as simple as clicking a box in the program, it fires up the networking part of the program, and it looks for all the other stations and makes the connections all by itself. truly amazing.

Now this type of Field Day may not be allowed.  But say the “5A” is converted into the possible “5V” instead.

What “5V” would be is,

N9PQJ, is operating by himself at his own home.
KC0WKP, is operating by himself at his own home.
KC9UPE, is operating by himself at his own home.
KD9INX, is operating by himself at his own home.
W9RIG, is operating by himself at his own home.

But they are still operating exactly the same way as if they were at the park. All using the same call, and again Networked together, so again all can see who is on what band doing what, and of course to know who has contacted what stations and modes to avoid the duplicate contacts. “5X” would be like above but only if everyone was on non commercial power.

Now the ARRL, has not made the decision as of yet if they will be creating these two new classes. Many think they are doing a wait and see what all the discussions show as far as level of interest in doing it. And NOW! Yesterday, would be a like test run of the idea.

Bob Seaquist


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