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Top Story: The ARRL has filed against a FCC plan to delete the 3.3-3.5 Ghz secondary amateur allocation.

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News for Wednesday 26 February

ARRL opposes FCC plan to delete the 3.4 GHz band
ARRL has filed comments opposing an FCC proposal to delete the 3.3 – 3.5 GHz secondary amateur allocation

New syllabus: Exam pass rate figures released
The minutes of the RSGB Examinations and Syllabus Review Group (ESRG) meeting held at the Barnes Hotel, Cardington, on February 1, 2020, are now available to download

Bouvet Island DXpedition update
Rebel team update. We are on track with 3Y0I Bouvet project. Still missing some budget but we are getting closer and closer. Second attempt will take place in December 2020

5 Tips on Etiquette and Good Manners on the FM Ham Radio Satellites
The DX Engineering blog On All Bands recently published an article entitled
“5 Tips on Etiquette and Good Manners on the FM Ham Radio Satellites” by Sean Kutzko, KX9X

Evidence of past and current electoral support ahead of elections taking place in May 2020
Ofcom has published up-to-date evidence of past and current electoral support ahead of various elections taking place in England and Wales on 7 May 2020

Valerie Hotzfeld, NV9L, reports the following:
Clicking on the link below will permit you to download the Winter 2020 issue of the newsletter of the International DX Association

IOTA news from the DARC
Compiled by Andreas, DK5ON of the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club

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News for Tuesday 25 February

SOTA Flavours Challenge DV Week 1-7 March 2020
The next “Flavour” in the 2020 SOTA Challenge is the DV – Digital Voice flavour in the first week of March 2020.  All SOTA QSOs completed on DMR, C4FM, D-Star or FreeDV will automatically attract scoring credit in the Challenge

Canvey Rally 2020 featured on BBC Essex
On Sunday, February 2, radio amateurs converged on the Cornelius Vermuyden School on Canvey Island for the 2020 Canvey Radio Rally

Ham radio satellite demo to STEM club
On February 22 Ruth Willet KM4LAO demonstrated Amateur Radio satellite communications to the Girls Engineering & Coding Organization (GECO) STEM club

Four CW contacts per day certificates
The ZS-CW group in South Africa have started a new initiative to get more people active on CW on all bands, this will get you a certificate at the end of the year

Eclectic Tech podcast
The February 13 edition of the ARRL Eclectic Tech podcast features QO-100, the first geostationary amateur radio satellite transponder, and a discussion about the current solar cycle

Two SARL 40 metre contests next weekend
The first leg of the SARL 95 40 m Club Sprint takes place from 12:00 to 13:00 UTC on Saturday 29 February and the popular SARL HAMNET 40 m Simulated Emergency Contest takes place from 12:00 to 14:00 UTC on Sunday 1 March

Betelgeuse is brightening again
Call off  the supernova watch. Betelgeuse is brightening again

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