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In today’s post, I’ve included a note from Leslie Hittner (K0BAD) regarding a German radio amateur who wants to contact Hawaii Island hams.

Content supplied by Leslie Hittner (K0BAD) via email message:

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Accessed on 30 January 2020, 1705 UTC, Post 1299.

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Leslie Hittner via BIARC

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I have also forwarded this to Paul Agamata. The bulk of Peter’s email below
is about BIARC and BIARC members. Thought you people would find it

I have also responded to Peter directly.

-Les, K0BAD

—–Original Message—–
From: Klaus-Peter Hubing
Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2020 07:43
Subject: Mail from Germany…

Hi Les,

this is Klaus-Peter (call me Peter) writing from Heilbronn, Germany., 35
km north of Stuttgart. I have a question concerning an Echolink Gateway
in Hilo: unfortunately I can not connect the WH6FM-R Allstar Node in
Hilo. Why? Could you please forward my question to whom it may concern.
Thanks a lot.

Long time ago I spent a great time on the Isalnds. My first stay was in
1997. I met Don, NH6WW and his wife Myrtle, NH6WX who unfortunately died
some years later in a car accident.

During my stays in Hilo I met some very nice members of the BIARC at
several occasions. I also remember a wonderful Thanksgiving meal at
Barbara and Richard’s, AH7G, home with Don and Myrtle and a few other
local hams. One day Don proposed to change my KB6DNJ Extra class
callsign by a sequential callsign change into a 2-by-1 call which were
fortunately allocated at that time of my first stay in 1997. So I got
KH7G. That was luck and fun…  😉

Later Don and Myrtle visited us in Germany and I was back two more times
on the Islands – predominantly in Hilo – last time in 2004. A great time
and long ago. During one of your club meetings Don and some other
members declared me an “unofficial lifetime honorary member” of the
BIARC and donated me an original BIARC polo Shirt (see the foto)

Currently I am testing good old Echolink with an older smartphone and
I’d like to say hello to the BIARC. Perhaps you can help me to find a
way to connect WH6FM-R occasionally.

Thanks for any assistance

Warmest regards also to Barbara and Richard – who will perhaps remember
me… 😉

vy 73 and Aloha
DL3SJ   /   KH7G
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