Receiving Antennas for the Radio Amateur


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In this post, I’m focusing on a new book from noted ham radio author, Eric P. Nichols (KL7AJ).

If you enjoy experimenting with antennas or improving your station’s antennas, then “Receiving Antennas for the Radio Amateur” is for you.

As Nichols suggests, almost all radio amateurs can use a separate receive antenna to maximize station performance.

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“If you can’t hear ’em, you can’t work ’em” — author Eric Nichols, KL7AJ
New book Receiving Antennas for the Radio Amateur

Transmitting and receiving antennas have different jobs to do.

The well-known principle of antenna reciprocity is often over-applied by radio amateurs. While it is true the fundamental characteristics of antennas apply to both transmission and reception, requirements and priorities of receiving antennas can be different. The function of receiving antennas is to present the best signal-to-noise ratio to the receiver. Receiving Antennas for the Radio Amateur focuses entirely on active and passive receiving antennas, and their associated circuits. In most cases, every amateur radio station can benefit from a separate, well-designed receiving antenna or antenna system.

  • Receive a broader range of signals you would otherwise not be able to hear.
  • Includes thoroughly modeled and tested antenna designs.
  • Make more contacts on the low-bands, including 630 and 2200 meters.
  • Get better receiving performance in smaller spaces.
Receiving Antennas for the Radio Amateur

ISBN: 978-62595-078-9 / ARRL Item No. 0789
ARRL Member Price Only $24.95 Order Now

Preview Chapter 1: Receiving Antennas are Different!
Also available as an e-book for the Amazon Kindle



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