Hawaii Governor David Ige has approved new administrative rules for the management of Maunakea.  Some of these regulations could impact Amateur/Ham Radio activities near the Mauna Kea summit.

Thanks to Tony Kitchen (WH6CVI) for these excerpts from the final management plan:

Accessed on 14 January 2020, 2310 UTC, Post 1278.

Source:  Email from Tony


“Please click link or scroll down to read the selection.

The Governor has approved new rules for Maunakea, including rules prohibiting two-way radio transmissions. An excerpt from the relevant section of the rules appears below.


§20-26-23 Preservation of scientific and educational resources. The following activities are prohibited within the UH management areas north of Halepōhaku: (1) Using any radio transmitter, including but not limited to two-way radios, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices, and cellular telephones; provided that, cellular telephones may be used for emergency purposes or when radio transmission is suspended, for example by using airplane mode; (2) Directing artificial illumination, for example, lasers and flashlights, at or near observatories; or (3) Conducting any other activity that materially interferes with the scientific and educational operations of the astronomical facilities or research equipment or with the protection of the scientific resources. [Eff ] (Auth: HRS §§304A-105, 304A-1903) (Imp: HRS §§304A-103, 304A-105, 304A-1903)

See page 638 of the “Notice of Special Board of Regents Meeting November 6, 2019” under the link below.


Tony Kitchen

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