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Welcome to the Big Island ARRL News update. Our post today features some observations about ARES Digital Nets from ARRL Pacific Section Manager Joseph Speroni (AH0A).

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Accessed on 15 November 2019, 1535 UTC, Post 1204.

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“Hi all,

After the last ARRL statewide Simulated Emergency Test (SET) there were
inquiries about how other ARRL Sections handle digital nets.  The ARES
LAX Northeast District has been using Packet and VARA FM in support of
local hospitals for years.  Oliver Dully (K6OLI) the DEC for that
district agreed to spend time with a few of the Hawaii SET participants
in a small group Internet seminar.  The session was recorded and edited
by Tim Bryan (KH6TOB) and turned into YouTube videos by Natalie Cash

If you have interest in learning how group education and net management
are operated in the new world of digital communications, it is a
worthwhile view.  Even if you think that it does not completely apply to
moving some of our Hawaii voice nets into this new digital paradigm,
there may be points that can help.

There was a Q&A session after the seminar which addressed some Hawaii
situation questions.  That may be made available in the future.

LAX ARES Digital Nets: Part 1

LAX ARES Digital Nets: Part 2

LAX ARES Digital Nets: Part 3

– ———————-
Here is an overview of the history of the LAX Digital group that was
presented to the Honolulu County RACES group back in August.

LAX ARES Hospital Overview–nE5BQc&t=222s

ARRL Pacific Section
Section Manager: Joseph Speroni, AH0A”

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