Mauna Kea Repeater Test


Here’s the latest message from Kevin Bogan (AH6QO) regarding the upcoming test of the Mauna Kea Repeater.

Accessed on 29 October 2019, 1545 UTC, Post 1180.

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1. Reminder: Maunakea 146.72 MHz- (PL100.0) repeater, WH6FIU, monthly test set for Saturday, 11/2/19 1200-1300 HST.


1a. Reminder: Maunakea 146.72 MHz- (PL100.0) repeater, WH6FIU, monthly test set for Saturday, 11/2/19 1200-1300 HST.
From: Kevin Bogan <>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2019 14:45:33 PDT

To: PacSecARES, HiCoARES, Big Island, KHRC, MKSS, OMKM, DECs, others,

We continue to need to ensure the MK repeater is operational.

The repeater will be turned back on at noon for the one hour test, Saturday
11/2/19, then turned off again. It needs to be tested on a monthly basis
(1st Saturday) to continue to map out coverage and discover what minimal
conditions are required to maintain communications on the repeater and to
insure that it is operational.

Please check in on the Hawaii State VOAD repeater, 146.72 MHz (PL 100.0 Hz)
Maunakea, Saturday, November 2, 2019,  1200-1300 HST.

Please help us map the extent of coverage of the Maunakea repeater by
checking in on the HSVOAD net from as many locations as possible.

This is an emcomm repeater, so please use best practices as given by the
NCS when operating on the repeater.

A continuing request:

*As you check in from different sites, please include the locations of our
Served Agencies and Served Communities.  Now is the time to educate your
local American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, faith-based organizations and
others on what communications would be like from their location.  *

This repeater serves the member agencies (e.g., Hawaii County VOAD,
American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention,
Team Rubicon, ARES and more <>)
and their partners (e.g., HI-EMA, HCCDA, MEMA, etc.)

Please give this notice the widest dissemination.


Kevin Bogan, AH6QO
ASM Hawaii State VOAD ARRL/ARES Liaison
Skywarn HAM Radio Coordinator for Hawaii

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