Meet and Greet with Jim Tiemstra, ARRL’s Pacific Division Director


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Please click link or scroll down to read about the visit of Jim Tiemstra (K6JAT) to Hawaii Island:

[BIARC] Meet and Greet with Jim Tiemstra, ARRL’s Pacific Division Director.


William Polhemus via BIARC

Aug 20, 2019, 8:38 PM (8 hours ago)

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I have been informed that Jim Tiemstra, K6JAT, the ARRL’s Pacific Division
Director, is planning his annual visit to Hawaii in November. He has asked
the I set up a meet and greet with him and BIARC. The function would of
course be open to the entire Big Island amateur radio community.

Mr. Tiemstra will be in Hawaii November 7th to November 14th. I tried to
line it up so that the meet and greet would occur during/after the November
BIARC meetign on November 9th, However, that fell through, since the
Kaneohe Amateur Radio Club’s meeting is that morning, and he opted to
attend their meeting instead. However, I am told that he is willing to fly
to the Big Island on the following Sunday, November 10th, to visit us.

If there is sufficient interest, I will seek a venue, and arrange the meet
and greet event. Please spread the word to those Big Island operators not
using the listserve. Let me know here, or by a private email if you are
interested in a social function with Mr. Jim Tiemstra,

William – NH6ET

P.S. If anyone has suggestion for a venue, please let me know.
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