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Pacific Section VE Sessions


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Jul 26, 2019, 7:52 PM (8 hours ago)
 to me
Aloha ARRL Pacific Section members,

For a little over a year the Pacific section has been working with the
ARRL VEC to test submission of VE session documents using Internet file
transfers.  The Emergency Amateur Radio Club (EARC) on Oahu has
submitted around 15 sessions using Internet file transfers and had the
ARRL VEC turn them around in one or two days.  One session conducted
aboard the Navy Hospital Ship USS Mercy tested 20 candidates on a
Saturday afternoon, while docked in Honolulu, had FCC licenses for the
new Amateurs Monday at noon Hawaii time.

Mail submission to the ARRL VEC has always been fast even considering
the USPS mail time from Hawaii to Newington CT. Still new Amateurs
having FCC licenses issued in a day or two is an incentive to getting on
the air.

The beta test is coming to successful completion and the process will be
opened to other long-standing, well established VE teams.

If you are interested in your VE team using this new process, you can
have them contact the ARRL VEC or get some background information from
Steve Kawamae (KH6WG), President EARC Honolulu, on the club’s
experience using file transfers to the ARRL VEC.

ARRL Pacific Section
Section Manager: Joseph Speroni, AH0A


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